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Apart from academic papers, we also provide articles, blog post and website content writing services.

We do simple articles for blogs and even those intended to drive massive traffic to a website. We write sharp, incisive, engaging and credible articles which are meant to inform, persuade or even educate. We have the capacity to handle as many of them as possible in a single day.

We guarantee to use these features in writing high quality articles for you;

  • Utilizing short paragraphs which have a maximum of four sentences
  • Using short sentences
  • Avoiding unnecessary words
  • Avoiding the use of passive tense
  • Shunning needless repetitions
  • Addressing web visitors directly through the use of the word ‘you’.
  • Avoidance of jargon and gobbledygook
  • Shortening text
  • Using familiar words

We appreciate that web content is mostly scanned than read and as such, we assure you that we will make the most important information as visible as possible and that the most important information will be presented earlier on in the article.

In writing web articles, we do appreciate the need to de-clutter the article through replacing text with photographs or videos, using different font sizes, using customer quotes so as to boost credibility, breaking a long headline into sub-headlines and changing paragraphs into bullet points.

Our team of writers is also well-versed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a means of making it easy for readers to scout for your article in the busy streets of the internet.

In writing these articles, we assure you of specificity, boldness and clarity.