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A well-written personal can be a perfect motivational piece to the readers. Personal essays are a reflection of the events and experiences you have come across in life.

For you to write an effective personal essay, you have to understand the desired essay structure for the personal essays. Before you start writing, you have to do a few preparations that will ease the whole process. First, find an angle for the essay. Your life may not be filled with intense drama and exciting stories to make the readers happy, but if you get a good angle for your essay, you won’t find it hard to write an engaging piece.

Instead of writing about yourself, you should consider describing vivid scenes and the impact they left in your life. The key capturing and maintaining the reader’s attention is to remain honest and open, displaying your fears and concerns in life.


As you brainstorm for ideas, think about that moment when you had an experience that created a significant sense of conflict in you. The essay can explore why and how you were bothered, hurt, or disturbed by the experience. You could also describe those events that triggered emotional responses or events that left a lasting impact on you. Think of that person who you conflict with in some ways. You could write an essay that explores a tenuous relationship you had at some point or your entire life.

Create the essay outline

Personal essays are arranged in sections. The best way to write an appealing personal essay is to follow the standard format of an introduction that has an opening line that attracts the audience and a narrative thesis, followed by a body section containing three main ideas as well as supporting evidence and a concluding paragraph that summarizes the essay.

Writing the essay

Begin the essay with an engaging and interesting introductory section. The introductory part should present the main question in the paper. Though it is a personal essay, you are permitted to use a unique writing voice. Like other types of writing, personal essays attract more marks when the author uses an entertaining voice. Develop the characters in the essay so that they are detailed and well-rounded.

Ensure that your essay has a sense of plot, such that a sequence of moments or events lead to a moment of conflict at the end of the essay. As you discuss the events and moments in your life, focus on unveiling the deeper truth. Describe the experiences with curiosity trying to uncover the truth you knew nothing about at that time. After writing the essay, read it and revise it where necessary.

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