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A process essay is concerned with how something functions or how to create something. This essay is commonly referred to as the how to essay and is written for companies or people who need tutorials.

A good process essay is one that leads the reader through the process step-by-step. Every step has its importance, and if poorly explained it can ruin the entire essay. Details are crucial in this paper, but you should avoid too many details as the reader may be bored before reading the whole piece. This essay uses the same format for any topic, from baking a cake to launching a spaceship. Before setting to write your essay, a few preparations are necessary.

Outline the task at hand

This is achieved through several ways. First and foremost, determine the audience and their skill levels. You will center the complexity of the essay based on the targeted readers. Next, list down all the materials you will require in to finish the project at hand. Place the things needed in their order of importance, starting with the important ones.

Outline the process by writing down each step. You might need to go through the process yourself to see what really happens. It is very easy to forget an important step when you are simply going through the process in your mind. Time yourself as you do the task. If this is not possible, estimate the time that will be required to finish the process. Most people will want to know the time a certain process will take to determine whether they will do it or not.

Writing the process essay

This essay follows the standard format of an essay, that is, introduction, body, and conclusion. When writing the introduction, the first thing a talented writer will do is to interest the writers. For instance, you might consider giving a historical background of the process to motivate the readers. Highlight the basics that will be required in the process. Let them know how long the process will take.

In the body paragraphs, write the steps that inform the readers about the process. More complicated processes will require more steps. It is advisable to group the steps into paragraphs according to time or ideas. This differentiation will make the readers know what to expect within each paragraph. If grouping by idea doesn’t come out so well, try grouping them chronologically.

As you conclude the essay, write highlight what the end product should look like and what the reader should do with it. In addition, state a brief summary of the essay.

Read the essay and have a friend to read it and if possible let your friend test the essay practically and see if it works out well.

You have read this article and you still feel like writing a process essay is a complicated task. Don’t worry anymore, have professional and experienced essay planners and writers who have the tips to write quality process essays. Whether it’s a college essay or an essay contest, we guarantee you an essay that will earn you an award.