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In the recent past, business schools have effected numerous changes in the essay structure of an admission paper for the MBA programs at business schools and universities.

One thing that remains clear is that the current requirements for an MBA admission essay are not the ones that were there a few years ago. This necessitates the students applying for this program to be up to date with any changes so as to write an essay that gets them a direct entry.

Despite a hostile economy, a lot of people are applying for the MBA programs. The changes to the rules and structure of the MBA admission essay have been effected to reduce the number of candidates who apply for the post. The strict rules for writing the paper has seen to it that only less than thirteen percent of the total applicants get enrolled to the top business schools. `

Due to the changes in the topography in the business world, the MBA admission paper has become a core component that ever before. Business degrees have a broad field of employment in the sectors of accounting, finance, management, and etcetera. Most business schools depend more on the personal interview. This implies that the MBA admission essay is a perfect opportunity to enhance and also to complement that personal interaction. It is a chance to share successful business ventures, including what you as a student has learned from them.

An MBA admission essay should have few words but contain more information. Most of the schools have reduced the length. Some schools require a maximum length of 200 words. The words were reduced to show students that they should use more time on other things and not on the essay as they used to do. The purpose of the essay is to understand the student and know where they are headed. The admission team does not have to read more than 1,000 words to understand this. Most of the famous essays are those that were succinct and direct.

Tips to help you write the most compelling MBA admission essay

  • Write a simple but sharp introduction. One of the mistakes a student can do is to state a dramatic introduction.
  • Spare some time to rewrite the paper. After writing the first draft, read through your paper again and write a second draft. Read the second draft after some time and refine it.
  • Check the spelling and grammar.
  • Respond to the question on the essay rubric.
  • Express your motivations accurately.
  • Avoid flattering the school. A prominent school already knows that it is great. Therefore, it will be a waste of time trying to tell the admission board that and this could have detrimental impacts on your admission.

Most MBA programs seek answers to four questions. The admission team wants to know who you are, where you are headed, what you have accomplished, and why that school is the right one for you. Finally, have a unique MBA cover letter as well as the essay. Resist the temptation to use common cover letters or writing a common essay despite the fact that there are other time demanding tasks to work on such as the GMAT.

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