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At, we facilitate your smooth transition from school to the job market and also from one job to another. At either of these points, you will need a CV or a resume.

Do you know the difference between a Curriculum Vitae and a Resume? If not, then, stress not. We are here for you.

A Curriculum vitae is mostly presented to an academic audience as it highlights your intellectual and academic accomplishments.As such, a CV is mainly used to demonstrate your scholarly ability including publications, research, honors, presentations, grants and teaching. It is mostly used by people looking for employment in academic, scholarly and research positions.

A resume on the other hand, is used in the hiring process by recruitment officers in non-academic institutions such as the private sector and not-for-profit organizations. It is a representation of your skills and experience. It is tailored towards the specific job you are looking for.

Alternatively, you can have a hybrid CV/resume which is mainly used by employers who value not just your academic qualifications but also your skills. It is used when you are applying for positions in non-academic research institutions, community colleges and university administration.

Normally, hiring managers just scan through your resume or CV so as to get an impression of the applicant. Owing to the fact that they have to scan through hundreds or even thousands of resumes, your document has to stand out for you to be considered for the particular job.To make sure you get the job, we will prepare you a professional and highly persuasive document which adheres to the current market formats.

In submitting a Curriculum vitae or a resume, you also need to submit a cover letter. Before a prospective employer gets to read your CV or resume, he/she will have to scan your cover letter so as to get a round-up of your career, so far. A cover letter makes it easy for a recruiter know what they’ll get from hiring you. We will therefore write you a short and tailor-made cover letter to highlight you skill set for the particular job you are applying for. In writing a cover letter, you are supposed to pick your purpose, reflect the company’s culture, focus on the needs of your prospective employer and mostly importantly sublimate your ego. We will do just that for you.

Since these documents are the first point of interaction between you and your prospective employer, we will make sure they are perfect at worst. We know we will be holding your future in our hands and as such we will dig our heels in and put ourselves in your shoe of a quest for employment.

After we’ve given you the final draft of these documents, you can request for as many revisions as possible.

Since, you will be sending us your personal information to aid in preparing these documents it is our policy to handle it with utmost respect and confidentiality.


Essayabode is here to help you secure that job.