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In the university, I had a friend who was so poor at writing essays. Before he became my friend, he had failed in several units because he did not deliver what was required in the essay. As a Psychology major, I was able to understand where his challenge was originating.

He was a pure extrovert. Some social behavior professionals would refer to his personality as a pure sanguine. He was talented in delivering his knowledge through speaking. His intelligence quotient was high. In fact, he performed well in the tests that didn’trequires him to write for long. However, when it came to writing long essays, he would only concentrate for only a few minutes.

He would go to the library or start an online research only to get bored within less than twenty minutes. He would take days to come up with the first draft of the essay paper. When he sat down to write down the essay, he would only maintain his concentration for a few minutes and then start skyping.  However, he was the best in class presentations. He was fluent and articulate in his presentations. He would deliver his argument in a very structured and logical way. This always bewildered the other students and the lectures since he scored poorly in most essay papers.

He had resulted to using a few friends to write for him the essays. This was only a temporary solution since everybody soon became busy with their assignments and he was left alone. It is after a few interactions with him that I referred him to online essay writers for hire. This provided him with an opportunity to have a professional writer who can write his essays at a cost.

This went a long way in improving his life in the university. His previous stressors were no longer a source of stress since he had found a solution. Likewise, you do not have to stress over spending hours researching and writing essays.  If you need help with writing research papers like my friend in the university, we are here to offer a solution.

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