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Five essay writing tips for college admission essay

Most of the universities and colleges require a college admission essay as part of the admission requirements. We have the best techniques to get you to your dream college.

Most of the questions on the essays ask the students about their personal information. This data is used by the admission committee so that they can get a better understanding of the student, for instance, their personal goals and plans for the future, financial situation, philosophy, and important occasions that have taken place in their life. When writing a college admission essay, you need to use the best essay planning techniques so that your stand out as the most deserving student.

While most of the candidates spend much of their precious time trying to perfect their essays, the admission officers spend about five minutes reading through the essays. Therefore, it is important to focus on the key areas that the officers’ emphasis on to ensure you get the admission. People have a challenge of summarizing their past seventeen years in 600 words and balancing between sounding smart and professional without using long words. Some of the essay examples for high school can assist the candidates in writing their college admission essays. Here are tips to help you write the best essay.

  1. Start with an impressive anecdote

Since the admissions officers skim through the essays in a short time, it is important that you engage them from the beginning. You can start by sharing one of the moments in your life. Choose moments that clearly reflect your character and personality. In your essay structure, describe how that experience molded you into who you are today. Short stories always capture the attention of the reader.

  1. Focus on writing what is important to you and not the college

One of the things that the admission group is looking for is the quality of thinking and authenticity. Start by answering the essay question, and ensure you demonstrate your opinions well and hold the reader’s attention throughout the text.

  1. Present yourself as the perfect candidate to the admission team

The university or college you want to join is looking for people who will graduate, make an impact on the world, and bring good reputation to the university. Therefore, present yourself as a person who is worth the chance, loves learning, critical thinker, and one who is passionate about everything. Display your curiosity and intellectual vitality on the paper.

  1. Be unique

As you write your college admission essay, ensure that the essay structure is unique from what any other candidate would write. Every word you write should represent a unique situation. Make the admission officers feel like they know every detail about you.

  1. Follow the given guidelines strictly

Stick to the instructions while writing the essay. Use the recommended font size and length of the essay. Some universities may want it hand-written, and other may want it typed. Others may want it on the application letter, while others may want it on a separate paper.

A college admission essay reveals details that your test scores and grades can’t show. This necessitates you to have a perfectly done admission essay. We have a team of dedicated essay planners and writers who can help you write a perfect essay that will guarantee you admission to your dream university.


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