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A poetry analysis essay is a piece that examines the reader’s understanding of a given poem. The author reviews the multiple functional, artistic, and structural elements of that poem.

This review is performed and recorded in the essay structure. Poets have their unique style of writing that cannot be replicated. They create poems that explore the theories and ideas that are on their minds. This essay requires the writer to take a deeper look at the choices that the poet made and their effects. The poetry analysis essay should have the normal structure of an essay, that is, an introduction, the body paragraphs, and a conclusion that summarizes the essay.

Read the poem

To come up with a thesis and find evidence that supports it, the author has to read the poem several times to identify the various concepts and ideas in the literary piece. It also gives you an opportunity to note the type of the poem, for instance, haiku, free verse, lyric, ode, limerick, sonnet, and etcetera. These elements of a poem are essential to know when writing the essay as they affect the contents of the paper.

After you are done with the technical parts of the poem, investigate the background of the poem to learn about the poet, the period that the poem was written, and the cultural setting of the literary piece.

Identify the subject of the poem

The other element of writing a poem is to determine the subject matter. This can be obtained as the reader is determining the mood, tone, theme, and meaning of the literary piece. People have different concepts about what the poet is trying to imply by their usage of a subject. Therefore, unless the meaning is implicitly stated, it is advisable to state several possibilities of the meaning of the poem and give evidence to support these theories. The writer should bear in mind that this is an analysis and therefore opinions should be avoided when stating the meaning of a poem with several implications.

Choose a topic

A writer is advised to select a topic that interests him/her or one that he/she has familiarized with. If the writer is given the mandate to select the poem to work on, then he/she should choose a poem that he/she has dealt with before. If the writer is given a choice to select between different subjects within a poem, he/she should select an area that he/she does best.

Essay outline

The outline of a poetry analysis essay explains everything that the writer should include the three essay parts. The introductory part should capture the attention of the readers, have the writer’s name, and finally state the thesis. The body paragraphs should strive to explain the shallow and deep meaning of the poem. It should also contain the theme of the poem. Other properties such as the figures of speech, tone, use of symbolism and sound effects should be explained after the writer has explained the message and meaning of the poem.

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