“Superior innovation provides a company the opportunities to grow faster, better, and smarter than their competitors–and ultimately to influence the direction of their industry…In the long run, the only reliable security for any company is the ability to innovate better and longer than competitors.” –Tony Davila

Utilizing the texts in the Study section above, complete an executive briefing paper (2 – 3 pages maximum) that outlines the role of an organizational leader relative to engendering and promoting innovation in the workplace. You are welcome to use your current workplace as an example, or you may use another organization of your choosing. There is no required template for an executive briefing paper. However, the paper should have specific attributes: it should be concise, have a logical flow, provide alternatives, and forward clear recommendations. Please be sure to consider that innovation includes more than product performance and systems, and also include areas such as the business model, networking, and customer experience.

The course objective for this project includes your ability to demonstrate appreciation for the potential impact of innovation on all elements of the enterprise. Provide sufficient reasoned masters-level information for executive leadership to make appropriate decisions regarding the future use of innovation in the organization.

Andriole. 2014. Ready Technology: Fast-Tracking New Business Technologies. (Chapters 3-5)
Wolfe. The transformation of American religion. (Chapters 4-6)
Garvin, David A., and Roberto, Michael A. 2001, September. What you don’t know about making decisions. Harvard Business Review, 79, no: 8, 108-114. (8 pages) [Note: be sure to obtain the entire article; some available files exclude the final page or two.] Links
Please review the contents of these links: The Future of technology Assessment – Future of genetic engineering – Life at 140? – Future of music

Grading Criteria: Assignments will be graded according to the MINOR PROJECT GRADING RUBRIC.