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Unlike other essays that test your imagination, psychology essays test your understanding, interpretation, and opinion in a specific situation.

One of the things that are certain for psychology students is that they will write a terrifying amount of essays throughout their course. However, psychology essays are the most enjoyable essays to write. The essay structure, essay planning, and organization is the same as any other essay but requires adequate planning, intensive research, research analysis, as well as a secondary research before the writing process. After you have researched well for the topic, you can start outlining and writing the essay. After writing, follow up steps such as editing and review are necessary.

The first paragraph of your paper should draw the reader’s attention into the topic you want to write. Students are encouraged to use statistics, for example, the number of people with sleeping disorders. This helps the reader to focus on the paper and also to get the sense of urgency. Pre-planning for the essay begins with reading the guidelines given by the instructor.

The worst mistake a psychology student can ever make is to quickly glance at the topic and pick out keywords and proceed with the writing process. Reading the assignment also helps you to plan the method of attack you will use, the time you will spend on the research and the time you will need to write the paper.


The university library academic databases is one of the best sources for starting your research. Most of the libraries have access to academic psychology databases such as PsycINFO and PSYCHNET. After gathering information from the library, you can move on to the internet. A student can gather a lot of information from educational websites such as the Scholar site. The library and the internet provide access to professionally written papers and abstracts published in psychology journals.

A student is advised to highlight relevant phrases and sections in the actual journal so that referencing will be easier during the writing phase. In addition, a writer is more likely to remember information he/she highlighted when the writer would be organizing the work. The author will have readily available information with the appropriate reference.


Prolific writers may decide to leave out this part. However, preparing an outline for the college essay is important as it assists a student to organize his/her work and also creates a roadmap to the writing process. A clear outline will ensure that the areas related to the given topic are covered adequately.

Writing the essay

The essay should have sections, with or without subheadings.


It contains attention-capturing information and presents the background to the issue including the focus of the essay and why your approach is different.

Research question

This is stated after the topic area.


The review should offer insight into the research question, and topic asked through verifying the statements in the current academic literature.


This should be a recap of what you have presented. It should not leave the reader with more questions. If the readers have questions in their mind, it means that the work was not well done.

Most of the psychology essays are required in the American Psychological Association (APA) format. Psychology essays are a daunting task for most students. If you do not have the content for your paper or you are not sure what to write, consider buying an online essay. At, we have experienced writers who have the tactics to write famous psychology essays and ensure you graduate with a first class honors.