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This is an essay written to analyze the similarities and differences between two distinct opinions. The author is also required to perform a critical analysis of the subjects.

A good compare and contrast essay does not only focus on the similarities and differences in the given opinions or items but also uses the points to create a meaningful argument as well as an interesting analysis. As the author writes this essay, he/she gets a better understanding of the underlying characteristics and tendencies of the two subjects.

Pick the items or subjects to compare

The writer should choose two subjects that have many differences and similarities. As you select the subjects, ensure that they can be discussed in a productive manner. A productive comparison and contrast go way beyond the similarities and differences. It helps the readers understand the importance of putting the subjects together.

You could brainstorm the topic so as to select the major points that you will major on in your essay. A writer can use a Venn diagram or simply state the points of the topic while brainstorming. You can draw Venn diagram that consists of two overlapping circles, the part where they overlap will contain the similarities, and the other parts will have the individual differences.

Formulate the thesis

The thesis should develop an argument that indicates why putting the two subjects together is important. The author should strive to show the readers why one issue is more desirable than the other.

Organize your paper

There are various ways to organize your compare and contrast essay. You are allowed to use any of the structures that work well with your ideas. One of the structures is the subject by subject. This structure takes care of all the points in one subject and then proceeds with the points of the other subject. One of the main advantages of this structure is that the writer can write his/her piece smoothly as there is no jumping back and forth between the topics. Nevertheless, this organization has a major throwback. The comparison and contraction do not come out clearly until later in the essay, and this can make your paper sound like a list of topics and not a cohesive essay.

The other structure is the point by point organization. This structure switches back and forth between the points in both subjects. The major advantage of using this structure is that the argument is very clear. The demerit is that the writer switches between the topics and therefore he/she needs to use the signposts and transitions to direct the reader through the essay.

Create an outline

This will serve as the skeleton for your essay. The introductory paragraph should contain the basic information the essay will deal with and also include the thesis. The body paragraphs will provide the evidence that supports the arguments. Every paragraph should have a different point. This essay should also include the acknowledgment of competitive concession or argument paragraph, which acknowledges that the other counter-arguments exist, but explains how those arguments do not apply.

After this, put all your thoughts together and come up with an effective title. Write the essay and review it after some time.

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