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Art Appreciation Project

The Art Appreciation Project is just as it sounds—an opportunity to gain a greater knowledge of and appreciation for an artist or artwork of your choice. As you will see below, you have a great deal of freedom in your choice of topic. It does not have to be something we’ve studied in class or that is discussed in our textbook; however, choosing a topic you are passionate about is key to a successful outcome, so choose wisely.


·       Students will select an appropriate topic and share it in outline form.

·       Students will conduct research on their chosen topic and demonstrate understanding of it through an annotated bibliography.

·       Students will incorporate that research into their presentation by providing appropriate in-slide citations and a complete references list in APA format.

·       Students will demonstrate communication skills by providing a recorded narration to accompany the presentation.


For your Art Appreciation Project you have wide latitude in your choice of topic. Here are a few examples of topics, or topic areas, students have chosen in the past.

1.    Tattoos as art (focus in on a particular tattoo style or tattoo artist)

2.    Comic books or graphic novels as art (focus in on a particular artist or character)

3.    Something more traditional: Greek sculpture, the Egyptian Pyramids, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Picasso

4.    Abstract or nonrepresentational art forms; for example, Jackson Pollock

5.    Jewelry, fashion design, everyday objects as art; for example, Faberge eggs

6.    Automotive design (a certain car model such as the 1965 Mustang)

7.    An unjustly overlooked artist who should be in our textbook but isn’t

8.    Outlaw artists (graffiti artists such as Banksy)

9.    Digital art

10. Medieval armor and weaponry

11. A work of art or artist who changed the world


The only constraint on topic choice is that you must choose a physical, tangible form of art that can be seen. Please do not choose topics in literature, history, philosophy, or music.

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