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1. The Sun (by Li Bo) O Sun that rose in the eastern corner of Earth,

1. The Sun (by Li Bo)


O Sun that rose in the eastern corner of Earth,


Looking as though you came from under the ground,


When you crossed the sky and entered the deep sea,


Where did you stable your six dragon-steeds? Now and of old your journeys have never ceased:


Strong were that man’s limbs Who could run beside you on your travels to and fro.


The grass does not refuse To flourish in the spring wind; The leaves are not angry At falling through the autumn sky. Who with whip or spur Can urge the feet of Time? The things of the world flourish and decay,


Each at its own hour.


Hsi-ho, Hsi-ho, Is it true that once you loitered in the West While Lu Yang raised his spear, to hold The progress of your light; Then plunged and sank in the turmoil of the sea?


Rebels against Heaven, slanderers of Fate; Many defy the Way. But I will put | the Whole Lump | of Life in my bag,


And merge my being in the Primal Element.


2. When The Rose Has Faded (by Rumi)


When the rose has faded and the garden is withered,


The song of the nightingale is no longer to be heard.


The BELOVED is all in all, the lover only veils Him;


The BELOVED is all that lives, the lover a dead thing.


When the lover feels no longer love’s quickening,


He becomes like a bird who has lost its wings. Alas! How can I retain my senses about me, When the beloved shows not the Light of His countenance?

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