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You are asked to organize a meeting on the topic of developing a marketing database to support the company’s business objectiv


Question 1 (2 points)

You are asked to organize a meeting on the topic of developing a marketing database to support the company's business objectives. Which of the following topics should be on the agenda for the meeting?

Question 1 options:


All of these items


Legal considerations about what is   permissible or not permissible about the data


Technical considerations such as   hardware and software.


None of these items


Competitive considerations such as   comparisons vs. peer companies

Question 2 (2 points)

Your CMO is an expert in database marketing and asks you to make sure that the company has high-quality House data to use in database marketing. House data refers to:

Question 2 options:


Data about the homes of your   customers


Economic data about trends in   real-estate


All of these


None of these


A way to differentiate customers   that own vs. rent homes

Question 3 (2 points)

Imagine that you work in the airline industry and are analyzing customer data. Which of the following would be a useful new variable for identifying customers for a "Valued Frequent Flyers" loyalty program?

Question 3 options:


A ratio variable that calculates   the dollar amount per trip


None of these


A logic-counter variable that   counts the number of different airports a customer has flown to/from


A variable that measures the   average number of days between trips


All of these

Question 4 (2 points)

You want to conduct an analysis to see if response rates by Age Groups (coded as <20, 20-30, 30-50, 50+) also differ by Gender (coded as M, F in the database). The appropriate analytic technique to examine this is:

Question 4 options:


None of these


A cross tabulation of response   rates by Age x Gender


All of these


A ratio variable created from   Gender and Age


A logic counter variable involving   the number of Males in the database

Question 5 (2 points)

Your database analyst asks you why there are decoy records in the database. Which of the following reasons should be part of your explanation?

Question 5 options:


None of these


For monitoring and tracking how   those records are used


To always have at least one record   in the database


All of these


To protect privacy information, so   that real records need not be extracted or revealed

Question 6 (2 points)

A match-code could be used as a value for a Primary Key field in a relational database table

Question 6 options:





Question 7 (2 points)

You have been asked to take over an existing relational database, so you examine one of the tables. You notice that one of the fields contains the same value for all records. Which of the following might you note in terms of the database design

Question 7 options:


Repetition and redundancy of   information within a table is a poor design choice because it is an   inefficient use of space


Repetition and redundancy of   information within a table is a good design choice because it prevents   information loss


As long as SQL code can be written   against the database, the table structures don't matter.


All of these


None of these

Question 8 (2 points)

You are asked to expand the design of an existing relational database system by incorporating a new table of additional information. You notice that in this new table, none of the existing fields contain unique values and so none of the fields can be used as a primary key. A good design decision would be to

Question 8 options:


All of these


Leave the table alone and do not   relate it to any other tables


Break up this and all other tables   so that primary keys can "emerge" and redo the relationships among   tables


None of these


Add a new field to this table to   serve as the primary key for the table

Question 9 (2 points)

Which of the following is not a valid SQL statement?

Question 9 options:


SELECT * FROM jobs_table;


None of these


All of these


PROC REG table=jobs (value='Vice   President', salary=Y);


SELECT title SUM(salary) FROM   jobs_table GROUP BY title;

Question 10 (2 points)

SnowSQL is the SQL language used for what database platform?

Question 10 options:


Microsoft database


None of these


Hive database


Snowflake database


Any of these

Question 12 (2 points)

Which of the following characteristics are true about MapReduce analytics?

Question 12 options:


It is a mapping technique that   converts Geographic/Spatial coordinates to their geographic areas on a map


It is an analytic approach where   data and processing are distributed across many computer nodes running in   parallel


It is a way to reduce several   records of multiple customers if they have the same household address


All of these


None of these

Question 14 (2 points)

A random sample and a representative sample are equivalent to each other

Question 14 options:





Question 17 (2 points)

You have built a simple regression model, and during a presentation of the model, the Chief Analytics Officer asks what is the model's "coefficient of determination"?

Question 17 options:


He is asking for the R-squared   value


None of these


All of these


He is trying to determine if the   model is a good fit


He is asking for the amount   variance explained by the model

Question 18 (2 points)

If there is a low or very weak correlation between Customer Satisfaction (Y), and Amount Spent (X), then a simple regression model using amount spent to predict customer satisfaction will not have much explanatory power.

Question 18 options:





Question 19 (2 points)

The difference between multiple regression and simple regression is:

Question 19 options:


In simple regression, there is a   single predictor variable (X), but in multiple regression there can be more   than one predictor (X's)


In simple regression, there is a   single Y variable that you are trying to predict, but in multiple regression   there can be multiple measures (Y's)


All of the above


In simple regression, there is   only one equation to summarize the relationship, but a multiple regression   model is can have more than one equation.


None of the above

Question 21 (2 points)

Imagine that you are looking at a table summarizing the results of a multiple regression model. The largest coefficient value of a predictor means that variable is the most important predictor for Y

Question 21 options:


True, because it will have the   largest effect on the predicted value, Y.


False because the coefficient has   no effect on the calculation of the predicted value, Y


True, but only if the coefficients   for the predictors are standardized coefficients


All of these


None of these

Question 22 (2 points)

You run a snack shop at the beach and you find a perfect positive correlation between the weather (TEMPERATURE) and the revenue you receive from sales of drinks (REVBEV). So based on the weather forecast for the upcoming week you can predict how much revenue you'll get. Does this mean that you can also look at revenues from the past week and know (predict) what were the temperatures?

Question 22 options:


Yes, if you convert TEMPERATURE   and REVBEV to their z-score values, then you can use the same simple   regression equation both ways.


None of these


All of these


Yes, but only if the values of   TEMPERATURE and REVBEV in your regression equation use values within the   range that you calculated the correlation from


Yes, if you have two separate   simple regression models to predict TEMPERATURE from REVBEV, and to predict   REVBEV from TEMPERATURE

Question 24 (2 points)

You can hire one database analyst, and you are interviewing three candidates for the position. Each has said they had experience handling missing data and you ask candidates what they did. Candidate Zora says she plugged missing values with 0's. Candidate Maddy says she plugged missing values with the Median. Candidate Reggi says she used multiple regression to impute values that were missing. On the basis of their answers, who is the best candidate?

Question 24 options:


None of these. Keep interviewing








Any one of these, they're all   equally good.

Question 25 (3 points)

Please rate this exam (Free points, as any answer is correct)

Question 25 options:


Much easier than expected


Easier than I expected


About what I expected


More difficult that I expected


Much more difficult than I   expected

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