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Destabilization of Iraq

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I need to create a paper that I would present before Congress because we should destabilize Iraq. The bibliology is the Literature Review and need to be on the reference. The two other papers are the research but need to put together as a complete paper. Your task in this project will be to identify a country with a government, preferably authoritarian, that is breaking down. This nation must be a location that you believe, as a result of the government breakdown, will be impacted greatly by organized crime. You will put together a case to present to the National Security Council notifying them of the situation.


Part A: Government Destabilization/Collapse


In Week 1 you will begin working on your course project by identifying a country with a government, preferably authoritarian, which is breaking down. This means that the regime that is currently in power or was in power is losing power or has lost power.


Part B: Evidence – Literature Review


In Week 2, you will begin working on the Evidence component of the course project. This section of the project will allow you to build your case for the National Security Council. It will be important to conduct thorough research on the nation that you believe has destabilized.


Part C: Transnational Organized Crime


In Week 3, you will work on developing an argument to support your assertion that the destabilization of the nation you selected will make the location ripe for transnational crime. In this section of the course project, it will be important to provide examples of activities within the country that illustrate the potential for the area to allow transnational crime to flourish.


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