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What’s a Natural Resource Inventory?

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What’s a Natural Resource Inventory?

As you might recall from earlier in the module, an NRI collects and produces scientifically credible information on the status, condition, and trends of land, soil, water, and related resources for the purpose of protecting, restoring, and enhancing such resources.


An NRI supports community education, identifies conservation priorities, and is the foundation for environmental proposals as well as more detailed studies such as wildlife habitat assessments.


Learn more about the why and what of an NRI with this fact sheet Download the why and what of an NRI with this fact sheet.

Module 1 Project Work

This week you will be selecting and analyzing your study area. Here’s what to do:


Step 1: Identify your study area

This should be an area in the U.S., either your hometown, current location, or other familiar location.


Include a map of the area and a picture you take or find online.

Step 2: Describe your study area in terms of the four natural spheres of Earth

In a word processing document of 400-500 words, address the following regarding your study area based on your firsthand experiences.




Weather and climate

Atmospheric quality (pollution)



General description of vegetation (forest, grassland, etc.)

Changes you have observed in the land use over time



Water bodies and waterways

Water quality elements if you are aware of any



General description of the landscape (hilly, mountainous, coastal, etc.)

Any evidence of mass wasting or weathering (landslides, sinkholes, etc.)


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