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This is a cyber security Assignment (Policy,Legal, Ethics & Compliance) Write a Research paper of 750 words (excluding refe

This is a cyber security Assignment (Policy,Legal, Ethics & Compliance)

Write a Research P*p*r of 750 words (excluding references) on the topic ‘Surveillance State – The Harms of Surveillance to Privacy and Expression'.

 You must include at least 3 quotes from your sources enclosing the copied words in quotation marks and cited in-line. 

Write in es**y format with coherent paragraphs not in outline format. Distribute your quotes among the paragraphs.

Reference only from Published articles (not google websites). Include References in APA format. 

Attached is the project proposal, which I would like you to take reference of, for the paper. 

My final Project topic is ‘Surveillance State – The Harms of Surveillance to Privacy and Expression’. Mass surveillance can subject an entire population or a large portion of it to indiscriminate monitoring, resulting in a systematic violation of people's right to privacy and all the rights that privacy entails, such as the freedom to express yourself and to protest. Today Mass surveillance is practiced rather than surveillance on individuals and also increased the range and methods of surveillance. ‘Prominent examples of surveillance include surveillance cameras, wiretaps, GPS tracking, and internet surveillance.’ [1]. With the advancements of technology, surveillance has been intrusive and is much worse than past as it permits to observe the actions of individuals very closely.

Governments also argue that there is nothing to worry when Individuals do not any harm and in fact it positively helps them by providing them the safer environment. ‘Surveillance affects us in myriad ways. It infringes on our personal freedoms, submits us to state control, and prevents us from progressing as a society ‘[2]. It effects the intellectual abilities of individuals, kills freedom of expression and association. The thought of being watched itself would have chilling effect on individuals. Individuals can be charged without their participation. Large volumes of video and picture data is collected, analyzed everyday. Surveillance states like Russia and China are open towards their methodologies but other countries like US, UK, India do surveillance to some extent. The number of non-targeted communications that are under surveillance are ten times larger than the data from a suspect that the agency wishes to examine.

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