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Analyze and describe any two types of qualitative research methods

Qualitative Approaches

Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research about qualitative approaches. Based on your research, respond to the following:


Analyze and describe any two types of qualitative research methods.

Recommend in which situations, qualitative research methods can be used in public health research.

Explain the advantages and disadvantages of qualitative as well as quantitative research.

Analyze and explain why qualitative research and mixed methodologies are given preference over quantitative methodology in most cases of public health research.

Is it true that the value of the dependence of qualitative research on small samples renders it incapable of generalizing conclusions? Why?

Describe the key fundamental differences between experimental and quasi-experimental designs. Provide at least one example of each experimental design that identifies the situations in which the experimental design can be used.

Analyze and explain whether there are any possible ethical issues associated with each of these experimental designs in the field of public health research. If yes, what are they? If no, why?

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