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State your purpose. Why are you writing the letter? Where did you see the job application? Establish your desire to fill the position. Second Pa

I need two professional letters of application for a job opportunity following the rubrics in the 3 attached documents below.

I need it done in 30 hours with all efficiency. 

(Student Address and contact information) (Address for Employer) (Date letter is written) Dear (title, first name, and last name),

First Paragraph: State your purpose. Why are you writing the letter? Where did you see the job application? Establish your desire to fill the position.

Second Paragraph: State your worth. What experience is required for the job and how does your past experience fit what is required? For this assignment, reflect back on the essays and research you did during this course. This is a time for you to breakdown what your experience is, why it is relevant, and how it makes you a great candidate for the position. Remember, make your claim you are the best candidate and then use evidence from your writing courses to support your claim.

Third Paragraph: State a desire for an interview. After you’ve listed all of your experience, you still need to show great interest in the position. Reiterate why you are a great candidate and that you would like an interview.

Sincerely (or another closer),

First Name and Last Name Email Other Contact info (if desired)


12345 Susie Student’s Address Oklahoma City, OK 73099 Dr. Pat Simons University of Oklahoma Psychology Department 660 Parrington Oval, Norman, OK 73019

March 23, 2022

Dear Dr. Pat Simons,

Please take your time to consider my application as the new student research assistant for the Psychology Department of the University of Oklahoma. As an inspiring student interested in learning in-depth knowledge and the approaches in Psychology, I bring the confidence and the desire to write lengthy details of the research topic assignment given and conduct well-rounded research using the gained insight from my previous composition classes.

In receiving my required formal education and experiences at OCCC, I studied English Composition I and II, including different forms of composition writing along with the access to research library databases and tools. For the course, I selected a research problem and developed an annotated bibliography that I updated as I continued to write other compositions. To accomplish the research I worked with multiple databases and learned to read for claims and evidence. In this course, I presented my research and argument in three different composition forms: Classical Argument, Rogerian Argument, and Toulmin Argument. The three argument compositions provided me with opportunities to present my argument to different audiences, which required me to think critically about my work. With the Rogerian Argument, I learned to argue for a common goal and develop solutions for two opposing sides of the argument. This composition also allowed me to look at both sides of the research question I selected for my Research Proposal. In the end, I changed my position on the question based on the research for the Rogerian Argument.

I am confident I can provide support for the Psychology Department at the University of Oklahoma. I have both the necessary levels of knowledge for an English Composition and Psychology student. I aim to bring the desired level of research and critical thinking to the position you have available in the Psychology Department. If I uphold the qualifications that meet your needs, please contact me at 405-123-4567 or by e-mail at [email protected] I look forward to hearing your response.


Susie Student


AEH Division 1

ENGL 1213: Composition II Value: 30 points

Writing Assignment 3: Letter of Application Due Dates

• Final Journal:

Purpose Throughout Composition II, you have utilized research skills, problem solving skills, and analytic skills. The Reflective Analysis provides the student the opportunity to assess their progress and accomplishments in ENGL 1213 and consider future opportunities of success in academic courses, career field, and real-world applications. For this reflection, you will write a letter of application for the provided job announcement (see page 2).

Method of Organization • Proper letter format for addresses, date, salutation, and closing • A self-introduction paragraph with information on the job for which you are applying (see page 2) • A skills/requirement met paragraph detailing all of the accomplishments you achieved throughout

ENGL 1213. This will include the research done and the problem-solving skills used. • An explanation paragraph detailing why the above credentials fit for the job posting. • A call to action.


• Reflect on all of the essays written in ENGL Comp II. What did you research? How did you

research? What were some of your major achievements? • Apply all of the knowledge that you’ve gained over the course of the semester, accurately choosing

what to mention in your letter for the job posting. • Apply the knowledge you’ve gained to a real-world situation. • Write a 250-500 word letter in response to the hypothetical job posting (see page 2).

Requirements • Letter format—note that this is single-spaced • 250-500 words

Grades for this Journal

3% Of the overall grade for the course

Reflect on all of the essays.

Apply all of the knowledge you gained over the course of the


Apply the knowledge you gained to a real-

world situation.

Write a 250 to 500 word letter in

response to the hypothetical job


AEH Division 2

Prompt Dr. Pat Simons, a PhD researcher at the University of Oklahoma, is searching for a new student research assistant for the Psychology Department. The requirements are a completion of Composition I and II. The new research assistant’s tasks will be to take assignments from Dr. Simons and conduct well rounded research. This will include an examination of texts from a number of scholarly sources as well as applying knowledge learned from said sources to new experiments and research. Students will write a 1-page cover letter (250-500 words) in response to Dr. Simons’ search for a new research assistant. Explain how your experiences in Composition I and II helped give the ability to complete the requirements of the job. Use specific examples from essays done in the past (topics, thesis statements, problem solving skills, etc.) How did these particular essays help prepare you for this type of work? How do these essays, not just apply to academia, but to the work force as well?

Criteria for Success

Category Description Points Mechanics Students will communicate using academic language and conventions of

Standard American English. 5

Formatting Students will format an essay utilizing MLA style formatting. 5 Organization Students will present information in a unified and coherent manner. 5 Content and Analysis

Students will write an essay that responds to all parts of the prompt. 15

Total 30 pts.

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