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What did you learn about civil rights?in?Lecture?#12:?Making LGBTQ Rights?? 2) What did you learn about this material in your high school education??


What did you learn about civil rights in Lecture #12: Making LGBTQ Rights

2) What did you learn about this material in your high school education?  Do you think high school students are "ready" to learn this content?

3) How would you compare the civil rights struggles in this lecture to others you've learned about in this class?

4) What was your favorite moment, or who was your favorite person, from this lecture, and why?

5) What would you like to ask your fellow students about this lecture's content?


LGBTQ Rights

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LGBTQ Rights

Part 9

The 1969 Sone Wall riots happened in Stonewall inn in Greenwich, an inn run by the mafia.

Jackie Hormona, Marsha Johnson, and Zazu Nova were at the center of the riots that lasted for weeks and often involved public displays of affection

The Mattachine was also involved in the protests. However, the group was seen to be out of date and new groups such as Gay Liberation Front were formed and took over.

Gay Liberation Front(GLF) was formed in 1969 in the aftermath of the Stonewall protests. It sought to link the gay rights struggles to other struggles in the US such as the Chicano and the Red struggle

The GLF also called for an end to capitalism and the building of Nuclear weapons

The Gay Activists Alliance was formed in 1969 and was a splinter group from the GLF

Unlike the GLF the Gay Activists Alliance was more peaceful and moderate and focused only on gay rights.

Part 10

Nine months after the stone wall protest, police raided the Snake Pit in Greenwich. The major event in the aftermath of this raid was the arrest and subsequent death of Diego Vinales an Argentinian student.

ECHO organized a major protest in 1970 in Newyork City which turned out to be the first gay pride parade. Minor protests occurred happened in other cities such as Boston

In 1970, the Co-founder of the Balck Panthers Party Huey Newton gave a speech in which he supported the gay rights movements

Gay pride parades began to happen annually with the main agendas being calling for an end to police harassment and encouraging gay people to come out

1972-73 saw the formation of the group Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays

Part 11

1973 saw the American Psychological Association change its position on homosexuality. It was now not considered to be a mental disorder.

1973 also saw the gay rights movements also change into the LGBTQ rights movements after the inclusion of bisexual, transgender, and queer people

The Queens Liberation Font took part in the 1973 gay pride parade. Marsha Johnson and Sylvia Rivera formed the street Transvetitie Action Revolutionaries which sought to help people who were confused about their feelings and identity

The 1970s also saw Politicians be involved in the support for gay rights, one of them being Bernie Sanders.

Kathy Kozachenko became the first open homosexual to be elected to office. She was elected to the Michigan City Council in 1974

Part 12

Harvey Milk ran for office while openly declaring to be gay and was elected in 197. He was later assassinated by Dan White along with Mayor George Moscone in 1978.

The sentencing of Dan White for seven years following the murder of Harvey Milk resulted in protests in San Francisco

In1977 Miami voters repealed the Gay rights. This was after the mobilization of Christian voters by Anita Bryant. She urged them to repeal the gay rights so as to bring God and morality back to America.

Part 13

After 1977 there were attempts to repeal gay rights in other cities such as Seattle and California. This was after anti-gay groups drew inspiration from the Miami repeal

1982 saw Wincousin become the first state to create a law that banned discrimination based on sexual orientation

The appearance of AIDS in the 1980s co0ntributed to gay backlash since the disease was common among homosexuals.

Part 14

In the early 1980s, AIDS spread to the heterosexual community.AIDS was therefore a reason for the discrimination against homosexuals.

Larry Kramer created ACT UP to push the government to address the AIDS crisis. As a result, the government started to give facts and educate the public about AIDS.

The 1980s also saw monumental cases such as the Bowers v. Harwick case, and the Bower v. Lawrence all seeking clarification on gay rights and issues.

In 1981, homosexuals were removed from the military as a result Perry Watkins was discharged. He sued resulting in the Watkins v. US army case. The supreme court ruled that Watkins was irregularly discharged and he, therefore, got a settlement.

Part 15(Lecture 12)

Bill Clinton ascended to the presidency vowing to allow gays to serve publicly in the military. He is behind the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell policy” of 1993. This policy allowed gay soldiers to serve in the military as long as they do not speak about it.

The late 1980s to early 1990s saw the idea of recognizing same-sex marriages come up.

In the Baehr v. Miike case, two women sued after they were denied marriage registration by the Hawaii government. The Hawaii government opted to have an amendment clarifying that marriage was strictly between two people of the opposite sex

In 1996, the defense of Marriage act was passed. This act stated that the federal government act would not recognize same-sex marriage

Part 16

Clinton issued an order banning sexual orientation prejudices in security clearance.

George Bush called for the banning of same-sex marriage, but the Republics could not sail

through with it in congress.

In 2016, President Obama lifted the ban on transgender people in the military. President Trump

would later reverse this policy.

In 2020, the court ruled that President Trump’s order banning transgender people from the

the military was legitimate.

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