Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Item 2 in the final project: Company outlook. THREE PARAGRAPHS Now remember our discussion on the subject: a)One HISTORICAL OR CURRENT highlight, | EssayAbode

Item 2 in the final project: Company outlook. THREE PARAGRAPHS Now remember our discussion on the subject: a)One HISTORICAL OR CURRENT highlight,

Item 2 in the final project: Company outlook. THREE PARAGRAPHS Now remember our discussion on the subject: a)One HISTORICAL OR CURRENT highlight, event, watershed moment that frames the company. Then B) Products and Markets  and  c) finally financial and performance scenarios. NOTE: IT IS EVIDENT THAT WE HAVE VERY LITTLE INFORMATION WITH WHAT YOU HAVE. SO TRY TO CREATE “ SCENARIOS” YOUR INITIAL, SPECULATIVE YET EDUCATED IDEAS. For Item A , what do you remember from the information sent and from the interviews? Do not be concerned about the accuracy of ideas, we need a starting statement. We can always refine it. About b),same situation, work a scenario where you give your interpretations (very succinct ones) about products and markets. For those clients with websites, use any information on products. Item c) once again, what kind of situation market and financial-wise  do your think do you think they face presently?

Virtually connecting post-secondary students in Canada to qualified mental health clinicians

Presented by Tyler Phill Founder & CEO

For UCW Presentation, May 2, 2022

There’s a mental health crisis for post-secondary

students in Canada

My Student Wellbeing is an

online platform to connect post-

secondary students (2.1M) with

therapists who take student insurance

For students we:

Make it easy to pick and access

therapists, at no cost to them, any

time, utilizing secure software

For therapists, we

Take care of marketing, provide a

secure platform to see clients, and offer

admin support in exchange for only

20% of their billables

Executive Summary

Current Status

• Federally incorporated • Registered business

(MB) • Officially live


Canadian Student Mental Health Crisis

Business Model

Introducing My Student Wellbeing

Next Steps

Pain Points & Value Proposition






“University/College Student”

What comes to mind?

• Academic challenges

• Career prospects

• Death of family/friends

• Family troubles

• Intimate relationships

• Financial struggles

• Personal appearance

• Sleep difficulties

…so much more

*Next slide references sensitive material

American College Health Association: Canadian Reference Group Data Report Spring 2019 n students=~54000 n institutions = 58

This needs to change…

Over 2/3 of students

1/4th of students 1/3rd of students

Suicide is the #2 leading cause of death for 15-34 year olds

Garriguet, Didier. Feb 1, 2021. Portrait of Youth in Canada: Data Report. Statistics Canada.

Excellent or very good mental heath by sex and age groups, household population, 2003 to 2019

47 or older 31 to 46

15 to 30

Youth are struggling

& 84% of youth

reported pandemic has added new or exacerbated

mental health challenges

(Canadian Alliance of Student Associations)

5.3 million Canadians needed Mental health help

Only 50% had counselling/therapy needs fully met

78% – unsure where to go, too busy, or unable to pay

44% of students indicate finances are difficult to manage (NCHA 2019)

Needs Aren’t Being Met Statistics Canada, 2019

Private Therapist

• Do they take student insurance? • Do you need to call 12 practices to

find someone with an opening? • Do they have a clinician you feel

comfortable with?


Other Options…

Doctor • Wait for doctor’s appointment • May refer you to therapist if

they know one • More waiting

Large Teletherapy Platform

• Can you afford it? • Do they take insurance? • Websites tailored to



Online platform to connect post-secondary students to

professional mental health clinicians, who accept student insurance,

for one-to-one counselling

Canadian Incorporation Feb 2021

Manitoba Registration Fall 2021

How My Student Wellbeing Works

My Student Wellbeing Website • Built by Founder • Mental health services information • Education on insurance • Access to Clinician Directory

Clinician Directory

Online Booking &

Virtual Session

Clinician Billing &






Secure third-party software designed for health organizations; scheduling, video sessions, billing,

appointment reminders

Ability to direct bill

Transparent Booking

Educating about insurance and increasing mental health literacy for

post-secondary students

Onboarding therapists which meet student insurance


My Student Wellbeing Value Proposition (it’s live, check it out!)

Highlighting our alignment with student insurance

Few call to actions make the user journey easy

Intuitive to click your college/university if you don’t want to read

Specified details of each college/university

Education on how to use insurance and option for additional help by submitting a form

Filter by: Availability, area of focus, price, which college/universities they meet the insurance criteria for, direct billing

Detailed Therapist Profile

Clear, intuitive self scheduling

Can search by availability to see

therapist available on a given day

Can create walk in service

Therapist Specific Booking Page

Automated emails • Booked session

• Upcoming session

Increases attendance

Business Model

MSW charges clinician 20% of billables collected

Marketing Services

• Website profile • Social media

• Blog posts

Operational Services

• Secure system • Booking portal

Administrative Support

• Student insurance plans

• Scheduling/time off • Account set up

2.1M Canadian Post-Secondary Students

8200 Mental Health Practitioners

(Clinical psych, SW; nonmedical degree)

Mental Health Clinicians

Independent Contractors

Successful Interview Process

• Quality over quantity • Long term plans • Represents brand

Members of Professional Associations

• Ethical standards • Codes of conduct • Recognized by insurance

• Highly independent • Diversify their work

Manitoba Alberta

Less than $105 140 180

$105-136 180 460

More than $136 120 1840

Clinician Availability

PsychologyToday Directory ($30/month)



Pain Point Addressed By

Lack of appointment availability

Unable to afford private counselling

Lack of awareness of services

Transparent Booking with large therapist directory

Aligning with student insurance/ Direct Billing

Focus on Education & Campus Presence

Therapists Specialize in mental health services, not marketing and business

Low pay in some organizations

We bring prospective clients to them

They keep 80% of their billables

Desire for flexibility Therapists set their schedules

Addressing the Pain Points

The My Student Wellbeing Team

Full Service Western Canada Law Firm

Professional Chartered Accountant Firm

HR OnCall Service

Therapy Consultants & Therapist Facebook Groups

Post-Secondary Students • Accessibility to Service

• Education on student insurance • Increase mental health literacy

Tyler Phill Founder & CEO

Bachelor of Social Work


MBA in progress

Mental Health Clinicians • Grow their practice • Simplify their lives

• Empower their passion

Marketing Manager • Content Creation • Market Expansion

Admin Assistant • Invoicing overhead fee • Responding to emails • Updating Website

• Optimize website • Add new features

Web Designer

• Optional support for therapists • Review marketing material/blogs

Clinical Director

• Data collection • General research


2022 Timeline & Scaling

April 2022 Fall 2022May to August 2022 Ongoing

Live in Manitoba Onboard & Marketing Live in Nova Scotia,

NB, BC, Ontario and Alberta

Assess and improve


Keep working to Support students!Make connections across


Release therapist postings in each province

Interview and onboard therapists

Create high value content and promotional material

To Note For Class Project

• No company data to go off of (we’re very new) • Industry: Telehealth, telemedicine, teletherapy

• Similar companies: Talkspace (public), Betterhelp, Calm • Similar resources: Campus counselling, local charities

• All profits reinvested into company



If you are struggling after listening to this presentation, you can contact Kids Help Phone, who supports kids, teens, and young adults across Canada by offering free phone and chat counselling by calling 1 800 668- 6868 or texting 686868 or visit

Connect with me on LinkedIn: Tyler Phill

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