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Utilize the first part of the research paper which is located within the attachment section to write the second chapter of your Airport Research Paper, your air

 Utilize the first part of the research paper which is located within the attachment section to write the second chapter of your Airport Research Paper, your airport’s airside. This portion of the paper should focus on certain airport airside elements such as ground support operations, taxiways, runways, aircraft maintenance, airport maintenance, and any other supporting utilities. This is a great opportunity to incorporate a table or two into your paper. The report should be a minimum of two pages in length (not including the reference page). 

Break out the topic into mini-headings if it helps (keep current APA style format in mind as well). Use in-text citations with each reference use a minimum of 3 references. In addition, don't forget those ever-important references and citations to acknowledge the sources of your information. 



Airport Research Project

June 5, 2022

Airport Research Project


Thurgood Marshall International Airport serves both Baltimore and Washington, DC. Thurgood Marshall International Airport It is one of the top 30 busiest airports in North America and one of the fastest-growing. BWI is utilized for domestic and international flights, with the bulk being domestic. BWI's four runways are set up to run parallel to one another. Despite the airport's growth, BWI continues to experience problems. Noise pollution and the need for extra airport space are two examples. Nonetheless, Baltimore-Washington International Airport continues to be one of the best in North and South America (BWI). Both Baltimore and Washington, DC have Thurgood Marshall International Airports.

BWI Airport

Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marshall Airport provides service to the cities of Baltimore and Washington, District of Columbia (BWI). One of the three largest airports in the region around Washington, District of Columbia, is the Dulles International Airport. Consequently, the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport is the airport that has the most amount of notoriety. The Special Flight Rules Area includes BWI, Reagan National Airport, and Dulles International Airport is part of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. This area consists of the District of Columbia. It is located 32 miles to the northeast of Washington, District of Columbia, and 9 miles to the south of the downtown area of Baltimore. It is safe to say that BWI is the busiest airport in the region. More than 25 million individuals are provided for on an annual basis. It is under the administration of the Maryland Aviation Administration. Because Thurgood Marshall was the first African American to serve on the Supreme Court, his name would be appropriate for a new airport in the United States. There is one helipad and three asphalt runways at the BWI airport. The runways are 10/28, 15R/33L, and 15L/33R. There are grooves in each of the runways. Another runway (4/22) at BWI used to be there, but it has since been converted into a taxiway.

The passenger concourses labeled A through E are available at the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. Concourses A through C are reserved for use by domestic aircraft, while concourses D and E are used exclusively by foreign flights. Southwest Airlines is the only firm permitted to utilize the two concourses reserved exclusively for Southwest Airlines (as BWI is one of their significant hubs). People traveling to or from BWI have access to a wide variety of carriers to pick from. There are several major international carriers and low-cost carriers included in this list of airlines. There are even businesses, like travel agents, that can assist you in planning your vacation.

At BWI, there are various ways to feel secure. Multiple variations include municipal police, TSA agents, CBP officers, and TSA agents. Anne Arundel County police and airport security work to preserve the safety of the airport grounds. Anne Arundel County Police are responsible for the outdoors, while airport security controls the terminals and walkways (Arrival pickup road and Departure Drop off-road) The Transportation Security Administration is responsible for guaranteeing the safety of passengers and their goods (TSA). People typically feel that they see only one side of the TSA. This branch of the TSA is responsible for screening travelers. These agents are responsible for ensuring that passengers and their carry-on luggage pass security examinations. At BWI, TSA officials can utilize Millimeter-wave Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT).

Additionally, they may undertake physical exams. BWI reported that the TSA searches passengers utilizing AIT and walk-through metal detectors. Millimeter waves work without physical touch. AIT examines persons reliably for metal and non-metal threats like weapons and explosives that could be hidden under clothes. Most of the time, travelers may decide to avoid the AIT test and go to the physical screening instead. Before they reach the security checkpoint, passengers who have been chosen for enhanced screening according to TSA criteria must still go through AIT screening. There are simply a few circumstances where this will occur. At this airport, the TSA employs both pre-check and pre-clear and scanning cargo and checked bags. Most of the time, x-ray scanners are used to examine through-checked bags and cargo for anything odd or that may be dangerous.


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