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The Country that this report will be on is FRANCE!!!. ?I have attached a sample outline of how it should look and also I have attached the required information

The Country that this report will be on is FRANCE!!!.  I have attached a sample outline of how it should look and also I have attached the required information that should be included on the outline and report.  

 1. Outline– For this assignment create an outline that includes the topics for your report.  Topics are located in the FBR Instructions in Module 6.  Each topic should have a minimum of three (3) subtopics to meet the required length.  Don't confuse an outline (which is not included in the final FBR draft) with the Table of Contents, which will show all topics and subtopics and page numbers and will be included in the report.

  1. References– At least 5 as you begin working on your report.
  2. Introduction– A brief paragraph to introduce your report.  You will tweak this as you write your FBR.

A Guide for Doing Business in

The Pearl of the Orient—Hong Kong

Your Name

I. Introduction – MAIN HEADINGS ARE I, II, III

II. Findings

A. Dressing for Success —SUBHEADINGS ARE A, B, C

B. Language in Hong Kong

C. Etiquette and Customs

D. Meeting and Greeting

1. Business Card Etiquette —SUB SUBHEADINGS ARE 1, 2, 3

2. Gift Giving Etiquette


4. Concept of Face

5. Confucianism, Hierarchy and Family Values

E. Business Etiquette and Protocol in Hong Kong

1. Relationships and Communication

2. Meetings and Negotiations

F. Nonverbal Communications in Hong Kong

G. Currency Issues in Hong Kong

H. Immigration and Customs Requirements for Hong Kong

1. Immigration

2. Customs

I. Getting Around Hong Kong

J. A Taste of Hong Kong

K. Weather in Hong Kong

L. Hong Kong Time

M. Travel Advisory for Hong Kong

III. Summary

This outline is a sample outline that goes with the sample FBR. This is just a SIMPLE TOPIC

outline that is not graded harshly according to standard outline guidelines. I want to see that you

have a plan for your FBR. If you find other information that you would like to include in your

paper that is not in your outline, you are free to add it while writing your report.

In a more formal outline, I would be looking to see that you follow stricter outline formatting and

guidelines. For example, in a formal outline, you must use parallel wording for each type of

heading in the outline. I am not looking for that precision here. Keep it simple! 


Title of report—Give your report

a meaningful title…not Formal

Business Report

REMINDER when creating outlines: You

cannot have a Roman numeral “I” without

a “II” – You cannot have an “A” without a

“B” – You cannot have a “1” without a “2”.


APT 380


Required components of report (in order):

Title Page

Letter/Memo of Transmittal in proper format (at least 3 paragraphs)

Table of Contents (not the outline; include page numbers with topics)

Executive Summary (one page with highlights of report)

Body of Report (does not include above pages in 7-10 page requirement)

7-10 pages (body of report only; does not count other pages above)


Font: Times New Roman 12 points or Calibri 11 points

Number pages

Margins 1 inch (top, bottom, right, left)

Internal citations required (APA) for direct quotes/paraphrasing

(Appended items if required)

References (a minimum of five sources is required)

Sources of information: Textbook, general research online or library. Wikipedia is not an

acceptable source.

Scenario for FBR: Your company is considering moving into the global arena. Your supervisor has asked you to investigate how business is conducted in a foreign country of your choice. This is an informational report. Select a country and research information concerning doing business in that country. Your country selection must be approved by your instructor by June 13, 2022. Check the submission link for approval or disapproval until country selection is finalized.

Below is a list of seven topics that you must include in your FBR. Seven to ten topics are typically needed for a report of this length. You may add other topics that you find of interest. Be sure to use main and side headings to correspond to these topics. Two of the main topics are expanded below to help get started. Be sure to expand the other main headings in your report to include at least 3 subheadings.

· Brief history of country

· Cultural aesthetics

· Personal communication, including nonverbal communication styles

· Values and attitudes

· Manners and customs

· Social structure

· Religion

· Education

· Official language/business language

· Business environment and customs

· Meetings

· Dining

· Corporate culture

· Greetings

· Gift giving

· Business attire

· Negotiating

· Business card exchange

· Time difference between Central Standard Time and the selected country

· Transportation

· Currency/currency exchange

· Role in International trade

· Political system, legal system, and political risk


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