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Use the Campbellsville University Library databases to do research on peer-reviewed journal articles on the topic of Cyberlaw (do not use Google or Wikipedia).?Choose an

 Use the Campbellsville University Library databases to do research on peer-reviewed journal articles on the topic of Cyberlaw (do not use Google or Wikipedia). Choose an article that includes all parts listed in the Article Critique Rubric located on the Moodle course page. Download the file in the attachment below to type in your responses, then upload the completed file.*After downloading the word document below, type your responses directly into the word file.  

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Citation Bhushan, T. (2022), "Cyberlaw and cyberspace vis-a-vis impact of internet during COVID-19 pandemic", World Journal of Engineering, Vol. 19 No. 1, pp. 114-117.


Cyberlaw and cyberspace vis-a-vis impact of internet during COVID-19 pandemic

Tripti Bhushan O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat, India

Abstract Purpose – We live in a techno savvy era that is called as virtual connection and communication. Design/methodology/approach – During this pandemic crisis, we all are dependent upon technology, internet for connecting to our families and our friends; this all is monitored by cyberlaw. Findings – Today, the computer crimes are increasing at a high rate, and it should be controlled and managed to maintain the platform .Cyberspace on the other hand can be discussed as the space where all internet-related activities are taking place and cyberlaw regulates. The paper will throw light on the impact of internet on the COVID-19 pandemic. Originality/value – The paper will throw light on the impact of internet on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keywords Cyber, Cyberlaw, Cybercrime, Information technology, Informative system, COVID-19

Paper type Research paper

1. Introduction

As the online mode is easily susceptible to attract crimes, we need to provide better mechanism as well (jagranjosh, 2021). Today, we can see that all crimes mostly are committed with use of computer as a weapon, which is against the others just for the benefit and personal affairs (BBC News. BBC News, 2020). Cyberlaw governs the cyberspace. There is a strict need of cyberlaws to manage the crimes that are happening within the society. Nowadays, people should learn and be aware about good

knowledge of cybercrime to know when and what should be exactly reported to the police (The New Stack, 2020).

2. Objective

The main perspective of the research paper is to highlight on various sorts of cybercrimes and knowledge of cyberspace as virtual world (techopedia, 2021).The paper will also highlight the effect of coronavirus on the usage of internet and the advancement in technology that has made life much more easier during this lockdown. It will also deal with cyberspace and Information Technology Act and online scams that are happening during this online portal. There are various issues faced in cyberspace and mode of cybersecurity that need to be taken care of at wider range (ieeexplore, 2021).

3. Concept of cyberspace and issues faced

Cyberspace actually signifies the online world of interaction, and it acts as a digital portal which makes the communication

more easier these days during the COVID-19 pandemic situation, and sometimes technology and social media bridge the gap to provide better frequency. Cyberspace generally carries multiple computer network made up of various worldwide computer subnetworks (upguard, 2021; tigweb, 2021; niiconsulting , 2021; Information Technology Act 2000, 2021; ncbi, 2021; Johnson et al., 2018; The Economic Times, 2017; irjet, 2021).We have seen that as the situation of lockdown arises, the online tools and devices for connecting continues to provide a lifeline and be a huge support for everyone during this situation where nothing seems going hand in hand. But at the same time, seeing the current rate of increased crime is creating a mess in the lives of people. Utility of internet is far reaching among every age group

today. Nowadays, communication is way easier because of the network connection. Distance has been overlooked because of internet and social media. Today, you can make use of internet at various platforms such as railway station and airport. The productive utilization of internet goes hand in hand and gives a chance to develop and supersede. Another issue that is faced in the cyberspace is online gaming

that is becoming a trend among youths and children, as it is the virtual world where you can take the identity of anybody and play virtually, so these are creating a buzz, but it needs to be controlled. Technology has positive and negative impacts too, so we should focus more on the positive impact. These enormous networks, playing all at once, make their own the Web places that exist just within the digital online domain.

4. Cyberlaw: insight

Cyberlaw is that field of the legal system that specifically discusses the legal issues covering the internet by ensuring protection to those that tend to use it. It highlights the key

The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available on Emerald Insight at:

World Journal of Engineering 19/1 (2022) 114–117 © Emerald Publishing Limited [ISSN 1708-5284] [DOI 10.1108/WJE-01-2021-0029]

Received 13 January 2021 Revised 12 March 2021 Accepted 21 March 2021


aspect of cyber issues and internet fallacies and various other matters such as online privacy, freedom of expression and censorship. First time the term cyberspace was given by William Gibson in his book Neuromancer in 1984.

5. Cybercrimes: Meaning

We can see that the rapid development that is happening these days and latest technology is launched, the rate of cybercrimes are increasing day by day. Cybercrime is committed with the help of computer, and any sort of illegal activities that takes place via computer is called as cybercrime, and people who are doing such activity can be termed as cyber criminals. There are multiple cybercrimes that are taking place with the use of computer such as hacking, online stalking, phishing and logic bombs. People are nowadays playing with technology and misusing it in a harsh way, and this in turn will affect the society. We need to develop the strong enforcement mechanism to stop the crimes, and Information Technology Act provides the same. Virtual world is a reality now the current situation people are dependent on technology worldwide as it gives a clear interface between internet and communication Figure 1.

6. Cyber security

Security of internet and computer system is much needed and a must, as it protects the system and improves the efficacy of the information technology system. Nowadays cybersecurity is very crucial because it covers

everything that deals with protecting our confidential data, personally identifiable information, protected health

information, intellectual property, data and governmental and industry information systems from theft and damage that can be caused by the cyber criminals to the system. The continuous risk of cybersecurity is increasing and

creating a havoc, as technology is setting a bar and global connectivity and usage of cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services, to store sensitive data and personal information.

7. Impact of internet on the COVID-19 pandemic

The impact of COVID-19 on online education or we could simply say on internet and technological aspect has taken a leap. When nobody was there, people were distressed because of this terrifying impact of COVID-19 and pandemic everywhere people have given up but thanks to internet and online education that continued to happen even this COVID duration. Our technology has raised the bar, various sorts of apps and applications have been developed considering the immediate need and use of the students and people. With the constant transfer of the pandemic, all areas have marked down for complete closure, closing down all sorts of interactive moments among one another that actually need human gathering and interactions with each other – including universities. This outset closure situation has impacted in bringing this new change and making people realize the importance of internet, computer and social media. People tend to attend their classes online through internet and others continuing the office work from home by using internet. So here, we can totally see the increased use of internet and the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on education. Every side has two cutions, positive and negative; so the internet has impacted in a better way now days especially this current situation when

Figure 1 Types of cybercrimes

COVID-19 pandemic

Tripti Bhushan

World Journal of Engineering

Volume 19 · Number 1 · 2022 · 114–117


darkness has covered most of them. These days with increased use of technology, young minds are also getting affected by making use of technology in a wrong way just for benefitting themselves and harming others, but this can lead them to trouble. Everywhere in society where we can see the huge role of technology in education, some where people are often using this technology, computer to commit crime and it also influence the minds of young students. The lockdowns in the countries have given rise in the use of technology and internet, and this in turn changes the working pattern. Employees are now becoming used to the trend of new “normals” – with all sorts of classes, work running online via internet that is virtually, completely online, office work shifting to home, with new emerging patterns of work. The changes have also come rapidly, with not much time for organizations and people to think, plan, prepare and implement various new setups and arrangements; they have had to adjust, try, experiment and find ways that did not exist before. Online money transaction is likely to have a crucial role in the post-pandemic situation. With the coronavirus spread, when the internet has become the most vital tool easily accessible to people, the impact of internet shutdowns has become grimmer. Complete closure will lead to severe implications for all aspects of life, and there are many issues that require research in this regard. It is mandatory to understand the human rights impact of technology and internet closures, which are exacerbated in the current scenario. These closures are done keeping in mind to restrict use and maintain social distancing to provide security of life and keep people protected from COVID-19. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is required that people

remain receptive, if possible, and socially distance themselves from others when outside the house. Businesses, industries, schools and governments are closed in many countries, limiting the power to earn a living and gain an education. On the other hand, the impact has not been universal, highlighting the necessity for policy and regulatory solutions to bridge digital divides.

8. Suggestions

For combatting cybercrime, one should be aware and have knowledge about cyberlaws. Also, cybercrime will be detected by using artificial intelligence approaches (Dhiman and Kumar., 2017; Dhiman and Kumar., 2018; Dhiman and Kumar., 2018; Dhiman and Kumar., 2019; Dhiman and Kaur., 2019; Kaur et al., 2020; Dhiman, 2019; Kaur et al., 2020).

9. Conclusion

Cyberlaw is crucial in today’s structure, and the virtual world lasts a great impact on the youth of the country. Internet is a tool that can be used to change the world in the better way but can also be used as a weapon to destroy the system. We totally understand that COVID-19 can lead toward high chances and effect by changing the current structure of the world. The Information Technology Act tends to provide the punishments and talk about the intricacy.


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COVID-19 pandemic

Tripti Bhushan

World Journal of Engineering

Volume 19 · Number 1 · 2022 · 114–117


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Corresponding author Tripti Bhushan can be contacted at: [email protected]

For instructions on how to order reprints of this article, please visit our website: Or contact us for further details: [email protected]

COVID-19 pandemic

Tripti Bhushan

World Journal of Engineering

Volume 19 · Number 1 · 2022 · 114–117


  • Cyberlaw and cyberspace vis-a-vis impact of internet during COVID-19 pandemic
    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. Objective
    • 3. Concept of cyberspace and issues faced
    • 4. Cyberlaw: insight
    • 5. Cybercrimes: Meaning
    • 6. Cyber security
    • 7. Impact of internet on the COVID-19 pandemic
    • 8. Suggestions
    • 9. Conclusion
    • References

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