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Instructions Course Project In Week 1, you selected a multinational company that pr


Course Project

In Week 1, you selected a multinational company that previously experienced or is currently experiencing controversial issues related to CSR and ethics. This week, you will continue the research by addressing the questions related to topics covered in the course.

  • Corporate Governance/Management and Compensation Evaluate the total compensation for the three highest-paid officers. In your evaluation, include a discussion of the components of the compensation (stock options, bonuses, and other benefits). How does the company set executive compensation? Do you think that the company is using the appropriate compensation incentives?
  • Strategy Evaluate the reporting structure for the company’s CSR. If you cannot determine where it reports, explain where you would place the function on the organizational chart.
  • CSR Policies and CSR Reporting Evaluate information available about the company’s CSR activities. In your evaluation, discuss the major topics covered in the report, along with the strengths and weaknesses.
  • Alternate Option If your company does not provide any information about CSR, review the CSR of a similar company in the same industry. Provide detailed suggestions for establishing a CSR program and report, along with topics that should be covered and why.
  • Approaches to Ethics Identify a past or current leader of the company, determine his or her approach to ethics, and evaluate the effectiveness of the approach. Explain the best approach for the organization.
  • Global Issues: Culture Select at least one of the countries where the company does business. Assess the cultural similarities and differences between the host country and the home country for the organization. Discuss the advantages and challenges the company faces related to culture.

Submission Details:

  • Use APA format and style for your paper.
  • Complete your analysis in a 5- to 7-page Microsoft Word document.

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