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Timeline Entry Format:? Assignment fulfills criteria for content and entry componen

Timeline Entry Format:  Assignment fulfills criteria for content and entry components. All Diviner fields completed correctly. 

Primary Source Analysis: Clear and engaging analysis of the author’s argument, point of view, method, and audience 

Links to National History High-quality, relevant source. Analysis is supported by specific examples from the country’s history. 

Links to Latin American History The entry makes a strong, precise argument linking the primary source to its historical period and larger course themes. 

Communication: Clear, easily to follow writing with a logical structure. Nor (or minimal) grammatical errors. All sources of information are clearly cited.

This project is designed to let you research one Latin American country in greater depth, placing key events in its national history within the wider context of Modern Latin America. In addition, you’ll develop your skills of historical research, the evaluation of primary sources, and the digital communication of your analysis to a broader public.

For this assignment, you will select primary sources – the number you will complete depends on your contracted grade – that you think represent your country’s history, and write short introductions analyzing them for the broader public.

A timeline entry has the following components:

  • Entry title
  • Primary source analysis (your 250-400 word analysis in a paragraph block, under the title)
  • Works cited (listed in Chicago bibliography style, under the text paragraph)
  • Your author credit (OPTIONAL, under the works cited)
  • The primary source itself (a video, image, pdf, etc)
  • Cite as: Cite this page as: YOUR NAME (optional), “Page Title,” in COW Latin America, page permalink.
  • Creator (the creator of the primary source you’re analyzing)
  • Time Period (click to select which of Chasteen’s time periods your entry fits)
  • Country (click to select your country)
  • Date (the date of the source you’re analyzing)
  • Keywords (click the relevant keywords for your entry)
  • Thumbnail Image (jpg or png full resolution image) to represent your entry (necessary even if you’ve uploaded an image or video for your primary source)

Your primary source analysis must:

  • Present a primary source that relates to a historically significant artifact, person, institution, or historical event
  • Consist of 2-3 well-written paragraphs (about 250 to 400 words)
  • Concisely summarize the primary source and its context
  • Analyze the author’s argument, point of view, method, and audience
  • Connect the source to specific events from the country’s history
  • Make a strong argument linking the primary source to the broader Latin American historical period (Nationalism, Neocolonialism, etc.)
  • Present relevant examples to support all claims
  • Indicate all sources of information (whether quoted or paraphrased) with clear citations
  • Be clear and easy to follow, with a logical structure and well-written paragraphs

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