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The purpose of this assignment is to give students the opportunity to reflect deeply on social work values and their relationship to personal values. Students will summarize the socia

The purpose of this assignment is to give students the opportunity to reflect deeply on social work values and their relationship to personal values. Students will summarize the social work values presented in the NASW code of ethics, the Christian worldview, their personal value system, and compare and contrast these different value perspectives. Students must also complete a BioPsychoSocial-Spiritual assessment on themselves to demonstrate their understanding of the assessment as it relates to their own lives. Follow the instructions in the attachment.

SOWK 500

Grading Rubric

Reflection Assignment: 5 pages; 100 points

The purpose of this assignment is to give students the opportunity to reflect deeply on social work values and their relationship to personal values. Students will summarize the social work values presented in the NASW code of ethics, the Christian worldview, their personal value system, and compare and contrast these different value perspectives. Follow the rubric and samples posted on Blackboard closely and use the bolded headings in the rubric in your paper.



Possible Points

Earned Points

NASW Code of Ethics*

Provide a brief but comprehensive summary of the code of ethics. Convey your understanding of the social work values that the code represents (approx. 2-3 paragraphs)


Christian Worldview*

Articulate the Christian Worldview by summarizing the major points in the assigned readings (approx. 2-3 paragraphs)


Personal Value System*

1. What are the three most important values in your life?

2. How did you develop your value system?

3. What was your family’s, community’s, or church’s influence on your values? (2-3 paragraphs)



How do your values compare/contrast with the values in the NASW Code of Ethics and Christian worldview? Be as specific as possible. (3 paragraphs)


Practice Implications

How will your personal values impact your ability to work as a social worker? Name a specific population you would have difficulty serving and describe why? (3 paragraphs)


References & Organization

Reference the assigned readings and other relevant scholarly material (3 min) Use the headings provided in this rubric and present organized sentences and paragraphs. First person is acceptable. All sentences are well constructed and have varied structure and length. No errors in

grammar, mechanics, and/or spelling.

APA style formatting





Running head: REFLECTION PAPER 1

SWK500: Reflection Paper


California Baptist University

Author Note

This paper is being submitted to Dr. Hays in partial fulfillment of the requirements for

Social Work Practice 1, SWK 500, A, on September 14, 2021.


NASW Code of Ethics

The NASW Code of Ethics is an important aspect in the field of social work as it is the

guide to understanding professional conduct for all social workers. Professional ethics in social

work are of extreme importance and the NASW Code of Ethics sets forth the values, principles,

and standards that social workers must abide by (National Association of Social Workers, 2021).

Social workers must follow the ethics in order to properly help the client and not break any of the

ethics which could result in malpractice lawsuits and cause more harm to the client than justice.

The NASW code of ethics is based on the social workers’ responsibilities to clients, colleagues,

practice settings, professional, social profession and to the broader society and the core values of

service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships,

integrity, and competence (National Association of Social Workers, 2021).

The core value of social justice is based on the social worker challenging social injustice

and acting as an advocate not only for the client but also for broader society. Social justice is

meant to serve and heal those who have been oppressed and discriminated. It is about letting the

client know they have dignity and worth as a person and everyone deserves an opportunity.

While achieving social justice it also puts value on the importance of human relationships by

promoting and enhancing the well-being of individuals, families, social groups, and communities

(National Association of Social Workers, 2021). Without advocacy for social justice there would

be no need for social work or social workers (Bisman, 2019, p. 115).

Although the core value of social justice is important to the social worker they must also

promote, advocate for, and respect the client. While serving their clients they must avoid self-

interest and use their knowledge, values, and skills in determining what is best for the client by

implementing a strategic plan in which the client agrees to and understands. As a social worker it


is important to respect the client’s wants and needs. Social workers must also act in a trustworthy

manner presenting themselves professionally, avoiding sexual relationships, and following the

NASW Code of Ethics when ethical dilemmas arise and as well as their competence in the field.

Christian Worldview

A Christian worldview perspective is based on the belief that God created heaven and the

earth and everything that dwells within. The Bible is key in Christianity as it acts as a guide as to

how an individual should live their life in Gods unfinished kingdom. The Bible provides one

with scriptures that are breathed by God. Scripture allows a Christian to understand the world

around them and provides them with a better understanding of what is expected of them. From a

Christian perspective we currently live in Gods unfinished kingdom and each given a purpose in

life and in the world. As Gods stewards, we should treat each other how we would like to be

treated, love one another, and live in community and harmony with one another. We are given

Gods characteristics in order to live as He has intended us to live. Although the Scripture does

not provide us with all the answers to situations is important to understand and make choices as

they relate to Gods purpose.

Due to the fall of man, we now live in a world that is corrupted with sin resulting in

injustice and oppression. As humans we chose to alienate ourselves from God by living in sin

and making choices that go against Gods will for us. In reality, we would rather try and fix

problems within our lives and within our society ourselves rather than rely on our faith in God to

help guide us. Thus, having laws within our society is meant to guide us in what is wrong and

was is right, promote good and punish wrongdoers often resulting in social justice or injustice.

As a remedy we can stop trying to live in the world our way and accept the plans God has for us.

Seeing as how God has a plan for each of us, we must fulfill what is expected of us and do so in


a Christ-like character (Scales & Kelly, 2020, p. 139).

Personal Value System

We possess our own personal values that represent who we are and how we view the

world around us. These personal values include our beliefs and our morals. Our personal values

are important to us and act as one’s guide while perceiving issues that arise within our lives and

around the world us. I myself have my own personal values that are of importance in my life.

The first important value in my life is having faith in God. Having faith in God, it allows me to

pray and speak to God when things get rough. Faith also gives me understanding, salvation, and

grace. Having faith as a personal value has allowed me to mature into a better person.

The second value that is of importance to me is my family. Family is important to me

because sometimes that is all we have. My family has always been there for me and have

supported me throughout all the journeys I have faced in my life. Although there are issues that

arise within my family, we still remain close and support one another. When life gets rough, they

encourage me to keep going and move on from past experiences which were not the best. I know

I can call a family member and they will be there. In a sense, my family sometimes acts as a

support system.

The third value that is of importance to me is helping others or caring for others. Helping

others gives me a sense of happiness. I am always ready to lend a hand and sometimes drop

things especially for my family, which sometimes can also be a problem. I believe everyone can

use some type of help whether it is financial or just someone to talk to. Often times we

sometimes get caught up in our lives and forget to check on those who need us the most. I also

believe helping others promotes their well-being and reminds them that someone does care and is

there for them.


The experiences I have had throughout my personal life have helped develop my value

system. As a child my mother made us go to church every Sunday and sometimes Bible study.

While in church I learned the value of having faith in God. He is always listening and knows

every detail down to the number of hairs on our head. My family contributed to my values

because they have shown the importance of caring not only for family but those around me. My

mother instilled in us as children to be respectful to others and help those who are in need. My

personal values have also contributed to my choosing in becoming a social worker.


The NASW Code of Ethics are based on core values that guide a social worker in their

profession. Whereas a Christian worldview is based on an individual’s beliefs about the world

around them by referring to Scriptures within the Bible and having strong faith in God. The

Christian worldview provides a framework that supports social work values such as the value of

every person, self-determination, freedom of choice, and responsibility of the common good

which include helping the poor and oppressed (Scales & Kelly, 2020, p. 83). Therefore, many of

the NASW Code of Ethics align with many of the values in the Christian worldview but it is

important to keep in mind there may be some core values that slightly do not align. My personal

values also align with both the NASW Code of Ethics and the Christian worldview.

Promoting social justice relates to both the NASW Code of Ethics and the Christian

worldview. Social justice is one of the main core values when assessing clients and the broader

society. Both also align with the importance of human relationships and dignity and worth of the

person in providing services regardless of the person’s status which in turn provides healthier

relationships with the community. Another core value and ethical standard that aligns with both

is having integrity. Integrity is being honest, trustworthy, and having good morals which is part


of being Christian and is also one of the core values in the NASW Code of Ethics. However,

there is one core value that does not align which is the social worker not being able to speak on

their faith because it violates the NASW Code of Ethics and lacks integrity. This does compare

to my values because I believe it is important to address faith and religion. Both offer core values

and ethical standards that relate to having good moral judgement. Social workers must use moral

decision making while at the same time adhering to ethical standards and when it comes to

making decisions relating to ethical dilemmas (Mattison, 2020, p. 201). Christians must also use

moral decision making when it comes to right and wrong and understanding what sin is which

relates to my personal values because I know it is the right thing to do by helping the most

vulnerable and oppressed people. Both the Christian worldview and the NASW Code of Ethics

believe in serving those in need and advocating for change while respecting their clients and


Faith relates to both my personal values and the Christian worldview. Having faith will

guide me in any ethical dilemmas I may face while at the same time adhering to the NASW code

of ethics. God wants all his people to help those in need and give back to the poor while seeking

social justice and ending oppression. Through faith, I will be guided in my career as a social

worker and give back to the community. Although both the Bible and the NASW Code of Ethics

offer guidance, they do not give answers to each dilemma that comes with each case so it is

important to keep in mind one may give way to another in order for us to come to close to love

and justice as the situation permits (Scales & Kelly, 2020, p. 157).

Practice Implications

Although all my personal values do not align with those of others is important to keep in

mind that as a social worker one must be willing to assist people regardless of their values,


lifestyles, political views, and their religious beliefs if any (Reamer, 2016, p. 429). I believe my

personal values will not only impact my ability to work as a social worker but also be enhanced

as I gain experience in the field. I believe my personal values will also provide a positive impact

on my ability to work as a social work due to the willingness I have to help others regardless of

their situation or beliefs. I believe everyone deserves an opportunity and should be given equal

access to resources that are available for whatever their situation may be.

My personal value in having faith will guide me as I face difficult ethical dilemmas while

at the same time following the NASW Code of Ethics. Faith will also allow me to gain a better

understanding of the social justice issues that impact an individual’s life and the broader society.

My personal view of helping others will also impact my ability as a social worker because I will

provide services that will promote the dignity and worth of the person at hand. My personal

value of family will also be helpful when it comes to working as a social worker because I have a

family that is supportive and continues to encourage me. Therefore, I would like to be supportive

to those who do not have that structure which would allow them to be more open and understand

I am there to help rather than judge or oppress them any further.

Social work has an array of practices and environments in which one serves. There are

several populations that face social injustice, oppression, and discrimination. A specific

population that I believe I would have difficulty in serving would be the homeless. The reason I

believe it would be difficult to serve the homeless population is that I have witnessed firsthand

how some individuals do not want the help and would rather live on the streets which might

cause frustration within myself only because I know they require resources. I had an uncle who

was battling mental illness and ended up becoming homeless. He did not want help from family

or any other services that he was offered. He eventually passed away while homeless in front of a


liquor store in his sleep. This adds to my fear that the individual will not live to their full

capacity. Another reason is my father is currently homeless due to his drug addiction who also

does not want help unless it is money. Although I know based on NASW Code of Ethics it is the

client’s self-determination on whether they want to receive services, it would also be hard for me

to witness someone reject resources that can ultimately be beneficial to their well-being.



Bisman, C. (2019). Social Work Values: The Moral Core of the Profession. The British Journal of

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Retrieved September 12, 2021, from

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of Christian Faith and Social Work Practice (5th ed.). Botsford, CT: North American

Association of Christians in Social Work.

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