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Create a PowerPoint presentation summarizing your program proposal

 Create a PowerPoint presentation summarizing your program proposal. Your  presentation should be at least 10 slides in length, with a minimum of 5  scholarly, academic references cited both within the presentation and  listed at the end in a Reference slide. Your presentation should  highlight the work you completed in units 3, 6, and 8. 

Title of your Capstone

Your Name

The social problem addressed….

Provide the most relevant insight regarding the social problem that you program addresses.

The Program

Provide the demographics of your program, and overview of the main purpose and function of the program.

Interventions 1 & objection & Evaluation

Intervention 2 & objective & evaluation

Intervention 3, objective and evaluation

Theoretical perspectives related to the interventions.


Implementation Plan (client-base services)

Most significant outcomes that result from the program.

Three things I have learned through the Capstone writing process.


List 5 of the best sources of information that inform your social problem, your program and theories.

Instructional notes from Professor Craft.

Use a professional looking background design. No transitions between slides are needed. Keep it simple, clean and fresh.

Include imagines, where appropriate. Small, so that they support your slide content, not distract from it.

Write in complete sentences – not 1-2 word statements, and not paragraphs.

Include audio for each slide. Do not read from the slide, but speak more comprehensively than you slide content.

Use good professional writing strategies to express yourself.

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