Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Please after reading The Competitive Advantage of Nations and the Harley Davidson article answer the following questions. Harley Davidson's case is in your book, What are the main component - EssayAbode

Please after reading The Competitive Advantage of Nations and the Harley Davidson article answer the following questions. Harley Davidson’s case is in your book, What are the main component


Please after reading The Competitive Advantage of Nations and the Harley Davidson article answer the following questions. Harley Davidson's case is in your book, (pages 204-2014). 

1. What are the main components of Porter's Diamond model? 

2. What the Harley Davidson case is about? 

3. How did Harley Davidson take advantage of Porter's four components' model (Diamond Model)  to become a global company?

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To prepare my essay, I will make use of the following sources

Source 1

The first source is Sung Doo Won, and Eun Jin Chang wrote an academic journal. The name of the journal is the relationship between school violence-related stress and quality of life in schoolteachers through coping self-efficacy and job satisfaction (Won). This journal is part of the School Mental Health journal that prepare d in 2019 as the 12th volume of the journal. In this journal, the researcher conducted a study to understand the association between school violence and related stress, like coping with self-efficacy, job satisfaction, and quality of life among middle level and high school teachers (Won). In the study, the researcher identifies that violence-related stress is not associated with quality of life, job satisfaction, and coping with self-efficacy. The method through which this research was conducted is advantageous and the information that was gathered. This source will be used in understanding the cause of violence in school.

Second sources

The second source is an academic journal written by Michael Furlong and Morrison Gale. The title of the journal is; the school in school violence, definition, and fact. This journal is part of the emotional and behavior disorder journal written in 2000(Furlong). The purpose of this journal is to clarify the historical and definition roots of school violence. The journal also explains how school viole4nce is established, and as the writer Michael explains it, school violence develops slowly(Furlong). This article is fundamental because it joints the previous information that I have on school violence and the current information that I have gathered on the same. It will be used in concept and argument development and support.

Third source

This source was based on cyberbullying among youth and children. The journal was researched and written by Hinduja, Sameer, and Justine Patchin. The name of the journal is offline consequences of online victimization. School violence and delinquency, the researcher conducted this research to understand what effect occurs on a student who I bulled online. From their study, they found out that the student bulled in social media extend the bulling to their peers in school (Hinduja). This article gives a good explanation of how school violence and bullying start and how it can be ended or controlled (Hinduja). The report will be essential in my essay while developing the argument and developing the recommendation for the solution to the school violence problem.

Lastly, I will use statistical data and information to support my argument even if the research will be qualitative. Statistical data give the research outcome high validity and enable the audiences to understand effectively. Accompanying statistical data will be mathematical diagrams that will be used to display the information. I will include charts, graphs, and tables.


Furlong, Michael, and Gale Morrison. "The school in school violence: Definitions and facts."  Journal of emotional and Behavioral disorders 8.2 (2000): 71-82.

Hinduja, Sameer, and Justin W. Patchin. "Offline consequences of online victimization: School violence and delinquency."  Journal of school violence 6.3 (2007): 89-112.

Won, Sung-Doo, and Eun Jin Chang. "The relationship between school violence-related stress and quality of life in school teachers through coping self-efficacy and job satisfaction."  School Mental Health (2019): 1-9.


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Black feminists event






The event that I attended was prepared and hosted by the black feminist group. The theme of the game is “Black Lives Matter.” The black feminist group to create awareness and empower the black community to fight impunity and social injustices that the black are subjected to organize the event (Lawrence, 2012). Overages, when the slave trade was illegalized, the black people among the American citizens have been treated differently, especially women who are raped, sexually harassed, separated, killed, mistreated by their counterparts the white folks. On the other hand, the black men have faced the same social injustices over time, like beaten, raped, police brutality killed over the false allegation, and the whole white society has no value for the black human life (Hillman, 2011).

For example, when a black man’s body is found dead in the alley, nothing will happen. The police will collect the body and take it to the mortuary, but under a similar condition, a white man-body is found in the alley (Hillman, 2011). The whole city will be in trouble. They assume that every black person is a gang. The event was created to bring society into understanding that a black person’s life is worth as that of a white person, and therefore the movement for black lives matters brought fostered the event.

Assessment of audience and audience response

A high number of black participants who were the audience crowned the event. Most of the audience have the same ideology of changing the social perspective in how they see the black and how they treated the black in society (Lawrence, 2012). From my observation, the theme was reflecting what every audience in the event wasted to accomplish that day.

The audience was made up of both black and white males and women. The reason for the existence of the white folks in an event which speaks against the white racism acts is because some white individual share the mind of a just society that whose gender and race do not make a big difference in the way they are perceived (Hillman, 2011). The event wanted to foster a future generation where employment is not based on skin color but according to academic qualification and work proficiency, a society where human values and dignity is respected regardless of skin color.

Description of my experience as an audience member

I support the movement because I believe that there are no two types of life; all of us, be it black or white, deserves a chance to be respected and live freely. Society needs to see black, as they are, not from their skin color. The movement had dedicated people who wanted to bring the change that was required in society (Clark, 2015). The audiences were well organized to reach the objective of the organization. This was se4en from the fact that they were not pushed to do the activities of the event. For example, the society education walk that incorporated all members of the game; not one was left aside.

From the event, I learned that the social injustices activities progressed even today, and some of the participants were the victim of the injustices. The testament from the participants, there were real pieces of evidence of the social crimes that go on in society (Hillman, 2011). For example, one of the participants explained that they had been brutalized by the polices just because he is black and therefore suspected to have committed a crime (Clark, 2015). The energy and drive in the participants moved me to participate actively not as a spectator but as an active player in the event. The idea behind the game was accurate and one that required social attention and correction.

Connections to course readings

Social justice events and activities have existed in American society for a very long time now. In the early ages, social justice was about slavery and the slave trade. Today social justice concept is beyond principles of civil; and criminal law, economic supply and demand, and traditional moral framework (Lawrence, 2012). Social justice explains the relationship between groups of people in society. In this, case the relationship between the black and white in the community. While the social services are always available for the white folks, it is tough for a black mother to get quality services in a hospital, it is not easy for a black suspect to receive justice ion the court system (Hillman, 2011). These types of social injustices are the ones that the event is speaking against.

In a social justice society, all people should have equal access to wealth, health, wellbeing, justice, and privilege, and opportunity as well regardless of their legal, political, and social issues impeding. In American society, it is not easy for a black citizen to access jobs, education, health, and other essential commodities (Clark, 2015). American culture can represent the worst form of social injustice. In some states, they are only reserved for white people. Come schools are meant for white folks kids even the nightclubs are separated in the level of who can attend.

References Clark, M. T. (2015). Augustine on Justice," a Chapter in Augustine and Social Justice. New York: Lexington Books. Hillman, A. L. (2011). Globalization and Social Justice. The Singapore Economic Review, 53(5), 173–189. Lawrence, C. &. (2012). Movements in Time Revolution, Social Justice, and Times of Change. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars Pub.


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