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What is the impact of medical tourism and the contribution tourism?

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1. What is the impact of medical tourism and the contribution tourism?

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Critique of Research Article #1 Instructions



· Understand common social science research designs.

· Understand measurement principles.

· Understand the purpose of sampling.

· Critique research findings and effectively communicate research results to others.

Select an academic/scholarly refereed research article in an area that fits the topic you want to focus on for the assignments this semester. 

Highlight sentences in the article that you pull your info from to answer the questions.     Do not copy and paste answers.  Type in your own words.   

After reading and analyzing the article, complete the following questions.  List questions followed by your answers.

1. Specifically, what is the purpose of this research?

2. What is the research design/methodology? Type of data gathered. Survey, interviews, observations, second-hand data file, etc.  Who are the research participants – population and sample?  How was the sample determined and contacted?  Are they the appropriate population for this study?  Do they accurately represent this study to generalize from the results?

3. What is the “So What?” of this research study? What has been added to the body of academic and/or professional knowledge?

4. What are the implications for future research from the author? What would you add for future research?

5. APA reference of the article.

Format for submission:

Typed, 1” margins, 12-point font.  Follow the APA Style Manual for references.

Attach two files:

PDF of highlighted full-text article

Doc. of your assignment answers. This must be a word doc so comments can be made when grading 

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