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Assignment 3:? Domains, Trademarks, and Patents??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????? ??????????? Find potential domain names for your product. Check existing d

Assignment 3:  Domains, Trademarks, and Patents                                                                               

  1. Find potential domain names for your product. Check existing domain names and make sure you have some choices available to you.  List the names that are available.  Describe your success rate with finding alternate domain names. (You may use networksolutions.comLinks to an external site.
  2. Select your first choice of available domain names, then check for common misspellings of the name as well as common twists of the name. Estimate the dollar cost of a) purchasing all the domain names including transferring them to an ISP (Internet Service Provider). Your goal is to have control of all the domain names so that common misspellings or common twists still lead to your product.
  3. Think about search engine optimization (SEO) and identify popular keywords that shoppers might use when trying to find a product like yours. List the keywords you feel you must use.  Sites such as Wordtracker can give some ideas on what are good keywords.  Provide an estimate of what these words might cost. Check out Google, Yahoo, MSN, or any other site to get an idea of what search keywords cost.  You do not have to search all sites to find out what keywords cost – but a few sites will give you an idea of the popularity of keywords.  (Question for thought – you do not need to answer this in your paper, we’ll discuss it in class:  If an advertiser is charged only if a potential customer clicks on a keyword, should keyword advertising rates be based on the popularity of a keyword on a search engine? What should be the basis for the price of a keyword you as an advertiser is willing to pay to advertise on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN?)
  4. If relevant, do a patent search as indicated in Question b, below. Some products or services seem to be impossible to patent.  In that case, do a trademark search as indicated in (a), below.  You must answer either a) or b).

    a) TRADEMARKS: Search the Links to an external site.database and find an available trademark for your product. Fill out the trademark form (but do not submit it to the patent office!). Include the application in your report.  Include a table that describes a list of competing trademarks and features (use the “search” under the trademarks on main webpage and search using the different approaches to searching). Search for similar sounding names, similar keywords or descriptors or similar looking products and services, etc. This is a free-form exercise and you may use your creativity as to how best to search.  The rule in trademark infringement is that anything that appears to be similar should not be trademarked.  However, the same name in widely different product categories might be trademarked by two different firms.       

    b) PATENTS: If your product is patentable, your written part will consist of a one-page table and a one-page discussion of how easy or difficult it is to get a patent for your product.  You will need to include the downloaded patent information about patent details as an Appendix. However, please provide very specific points on product characteristics – do not make general statements.

Written reports should show professional quality.  They should be well-written and well-organized. Use paragraphs and topical paragraph headings. Where appropriate, organize your report by the questions asked in the assignment.   It is a good idea to state the question as a paragraph heading, then give your answer to the question.  Then reread the question and answer together to be sure your answer addresses the specific question.  Leave a space between paragraphs.  Bullet points are allowed. 

Reports must include a cover sheet, like what you would use if submitting a printed report.  Your cover sheet should include the Course Name, Assignment Title, Date of Submission, and the full names and nicknames of each member of the group.  Only ONE group member should submit the report on Canvas.

Prepare your report in a word processor with a spelling and grammar checker.  If your English is not strong, you are likely to need stronger grammar checking than what is available in MS Word.

When your report is fully proofed and is formatted the way you want it, save your final version on your computer, then also save it as a PDF file.  Submit your PDF before the deadline at the link in Canvas for the assignment's submission.  All written work must be submitted online as a PDF file.  Only ONE group member should submit the report on Canvas.

César Ritz Colleges Washington State University

BA in Hospitality Business Management

Assignment 1: Identifying Unmet Needs

Submitted: 17th Oct 2022

By: Grace Lyu 742336

Cramarennco Milana 7445042 Elena Qian 743016

Submitted to: Professor: Dr. U. N. Umesh


Nowadays, many young and middle-aged people are using delivery services like Uber Eats or in Switzerland. According to the research, the majority of active online consumers in the

food industry place an order at least once a month. 18% of people order at least weekly. The

average spend per purchase is mostly less than CHF 100, with a high point between CHF 76 and

CHF 100. Consumers mostly purchase packaged foods, fresh foods, and cold beverages online.

Unfortunately, not everywhere in Switzerland these deliveries are existing, so not everyone can

use these delivery apps. The data shows that there is no delivery of goods services that are

working 24 hours per day. In addition, there are no services from the supermarkets where you

can order goods online during the day.

There is a huge potential for the delivery market and a new type of service that will help people

in all areas of Switzerland not to waste time going to the supermarket after work. There will be

an App which is called Fresh 24 that includes the following services: delivery of every good

from supermarkets like Migros and Coop, and a night delivery from our own storage. Customers

can choose the goods they want to order and the delivery time as well. This service will help

many people to reduce time and to convenient lifestyles.

Limited Time:

Unfortunately, in Switzerland, it is very difficult to find a place where you can buy groceries

after work. In Switzerland, opening hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Coop and Migros working

times are from 8 a.m to 6 p.m. Some people need to pick up their kids from school, and some of

them need to go to visit their parents because they take care of them. And statistics show that

people here for comfort do not have such a service as we provide. So, some people physically do

not have time to go from work to the shop. That is why our app provides the possibility to choose

a time and date for when the delivery workers can arrive at the customer. In addition, Uber Eats

App does not provide a possibility for delivering groceries and the customer cannot choose any

delivery time.

A person can live alone, get sick, and not have the strength and ability to go shopping because he

lives far from the city. By using Fresh 24 this person can order some necessary pills for himself.

Since pharmacies are also working only on a fixed time our app will provide just the necessary

drugs for people during sickness. If a person lives in a village, then the store can be 30 or 40

minutes from home, that is why for some people it is easier to buy frozen semi-finished products,

which leads to stomach diseases. Our app will provide only fresh products that are not going to

harm peoples health. Since not everyone has a car, a person has to carry bags in his hands, and this

is also very uncomfortable to carry with you big groceries bags. That is why our workers will

deliver the groceries only by car so it will be faster and easier for both sides. It is a good way to

save time by using Fresh 24.

Food Delivery Market:

The chart below shows the change in the number of people who have used food delivery in

Switzerland over the past few years and the number of people who are forecast to use food

delivery in the next few years. The graph shows that the number of people using food delivery

has been rising and will continue to rise in the coming years (Statista. 2022). This means that

now the food delivery market has been accepted and used by most people. So choose the food

delivery market, which is what people need in life, and the market will only be used and needed

by more people in the future.

(Statista. 2022)

On the official website of uber eats, people can search for different kinds of food, or search for

the restaurant or food they want to order according to the national food classification, as shown

in the picture below ( 2022). Although there are many types of restaurants, there is

no option that offers supermarket shopping for delivery. People can not buy the fresh ingredients,

fruit, or groceries they want online and have them delivered to their homes immediately after

placing the order. This is the current gap in food delivery. When people do not want to go out to

buy, or they do not have time to buy ingredients at work, and they do not have fresh ingredients,

it is very convenient to provide home delivery. It was seeing this gap that led to the desire to

create a service that would provide people with delivery from supermarkets to everyone. The app

only offers purchases from supermarkets and home delivery. The app provides customers with a

variety of product options that can be purchased from the supermarket and purchases the desired

product on the app. This is when the supermarket is open. After the supermarket closes, the app

will provide customers with items in stock, including daily necessities.

( 2022)

Limited Payment Choice:

On the other hand, the payment method of uber eats is more limited, uber eats can only use

PayPal, credit or debit cards (Business Insider. 2022). As for cash, it is only available for

individual merchants now, and it is not universal (Business Insider. 2022). And uber eats uses the

cash recharge method, which is not scientific because there will always be remaining funds in the

account that cannot be used up (Business Insider. 2022). Not being able to use cash is

inconvenient for Swiss people, and sometimes people just want to pay in cash. This is also a

demand gap, so there are a variety of payment options for the app, people can choose to pay with

a credit or debit card, or pay with cash. Depends on the customer's personal orientation choice.

Limited Area:

There are several cities in Switzerland where Uber Eats is not yet accessible (Find Eats In Your City

| All Cities | Uber Eats, 2022). In the area, for instance, where Cesar Ritz University's two campuses

are situated, we are unable to utilize Uber Eats and are not covered by delivery service. On the

other hand, many students on campus see meal delivery as a desirable alternative. It is possible

that Uber is taking a relatively cautious approach to expanding into international markets. On the

other hand, Uber Eats, which is the company's second largest revenue source platform, clearly

has a coverage rate that does not meet the needs of customers as the platform's user base

continues to grow.

Because Uber Eats is only a platform, the individuals who deliver the food are not employees of

the business. As a result, in many instances, the persons who deliver the food are unable to

precisely locate the location where the food is supposed to be delivered. In addition, since

Switzerland has its own unique linguistic context, the staff members who bring meals may or

may not be able to speak English. When trying to determine the precise delivery address for a

visitor over the phone, it might be challenging to have a conversation with the guest. It is also

possible that the food will not be delivered, that the delivery team will be unable to locate a

suitable location to throw away the food, or that the incorrect delivery will be made. In addition,

recovering the money you spent on a meal via Uber Eats is a difficult process with a low chance

of success.

Despite the fact that the customer's native language is included in the system language, Uber

Eats does not accept additional modifications since it is an international software. Because many

restaurants in Switzerland do not offer Uber Eats in English, the language of the restaurant menu

does not support translation or switching between languages, and not all dishes will have pictures

attached to them, this has a certain impact on the orders of many customers who do not know

German or French. The mobile application will support a wide variety of languages. There are

inconsistencies in the language used by the system, the restaurant menu, and the map. In a

general sense, it is very inconsistent and does not make the most of the convenience that

customers want.

And fresh 24 intends to provide an alternative to all Swiss Uber Eats consumers who are

dissatisfied. Fresh 24 establishes many centers in Switzerland, each of which will span a

20-kilometer radius until all Swiss towns are covered. All of the delivery workers will be

employed by Fresh 24 organization, and they must complete systematic training prior to

beginning work in order to reduce the likelihood of lost products and incorrect delivery

addresses. In the event that the items are still not delivered, consumers may contact merchants

and delivery workers using the app's platform, and the Fresh 24 will reimburse or reschedule the

delivery. Online interactions with merchants and delivery employees will be translated

automatically. Even though Fresh 24, delivery personnel, and consumers speak a variety of

languages, they are able to communicate effectively. For app system language, the language of

restaurant menus and maps will be consistent with the user's mobile phone system language and

may be changed.


According to the survey the results show that: 10 people out of 10 would like to have a 24 hours

goods delivery in Switzerland. Most people think that the food delivery in Switzerland has

limited area, limited time, and limited payment methods. 9 out of 10 would like someone to

deliver the goods to them right away from the supermarket. Also, they would order from the 24

hour storage food during the night. In the end, responders would like a delivery service that

covers all the areas in Switzerland. In conclusion, this data shows that most of the people would

use Fresh 24 App for making orders, and that it will be more comfortable for them by reducing

the time in the shops.


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