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HS1500 MOD5 Interview INFO: As with your other two interview assignments, you will need to submit the completed checklist and will also complete at 2-3 pagsummarizing your interview experie


As with your other two interview assignments, you will need to submit the completed checklist and will also complete at 2-3 pagsummarizing your interview experience.

You need to incorporate all of the skills you have learned into your interview.  Your 2-3 pagmust explain how your interview demonstrates good interviewing skills and proper technique.  The paper must be double-s and 12 pt Times 

Interview Checklist Sheet

Name of Practitioner: __________________________________

Initials of Volunteer: __________________________________

Date: __________________________________

Skill Set:

Building Relationships

Check if observed

Attending (Did you do/have the following?)

Open and accessible body posture

Congruent facial expression (matches body language and words)

Slightly inclined toward client (not leaning back)

Regular, appropriate eye contact

No distracting behaviors (fidgeting, tapping pencil, swinging legs, etc)

Minimal encouragement (nod head occasionally, mhmm, etc)


Observing (Did you pay attention to the following in your client?)

**For this activity, if you complete a phone interview, some if these obviously can’t be observed visually. However, many can be observed through listening carefully.)

Check if observed

Client’s facial expressions

Eye contact

Body position and movement

Breathing Patterns

Muscle tone (relaxed, tense, shaky?)


Skin tone changes (did they flush, grow pale, become sweaty?)


Questioning: (Did you do the following?)

Used closed-ended questions when appropriate

Used open-ended questions when appropriate

Asked one question at a time

Avoided using leading questions or interrogating

Seeking Clarification: (Did you do the following?)

Exploring the meaning of client words and client body language

Elicited further details and clarification from client

Allowed Silence

Avoided client requests for advice

Avoided asking leading or loaded questions


Assessing Readiness and Motivation: (Did you observe the following?)

Stage of readiness of client

Assessed motivation to change

Identified discrepancies (mismatch between words, words and actions, actions)


Establishing Goals: (Did you help client to do the following?)

Reached agreement on a general goal

Ensured that goal(s) developed was MAPS


Taking Action: (Did you do or help the client to do the following?

Identify the skills needed to take the required steps



Give Feedback

Use appropriate self-disclosure




Refer to Appendix A in text, page 223-224 & assess performance in the following:

Level 1,3,or 5

Listening: Content and Process Evaluation Scale

Empathy Evaluation Scale

Warmth Evaluation Scale

Respect Evaluation Scale

Genuineness Evaluation Scale



HS1500 Helping Relationships

Homework Assignment for Module Five

Practice Interview Paper

For this assignment you will interview a volunteer for a minimum of 15-30 minutes. Your volunteer must be an adult aged 21 or older. They must give you their permission to participate in the interview and you must explain to them that you will be using the content of the interview in your paper for this class. You will indicate that you have obtained permission and informed them about the purpose in your paper.

Have your volunteer client think of a problem, concern or issue that they feel strongly about. It should be something that they feel strongly enough about that they can speak easily for 15-30 minutes. Please make sure it is not a serious problem or issue of a deeply personal nature. This should be something that you as a student are equipped to listen to and ask a few clarifying questions about.

Once your volunteer has fully described his or her problem, use the skills related to clarification, assessing motivation and readiness, establishing goals and taking action, and establishing goals to help your client identify a plan. You may not get to all of these in the course of your single interview, but try to get to as many as is reasonably possible. (Remember, this is a client-driven process and you are to facilitate, not tell the client what to do or offer advice – even if they directly ask you to do so.)

You will be recording (in writing) information regarding your interview, your reaction and your volunteer’s reaction to the process. You will provide some basic demographic data but no identifying information (i.e. name, address, and so on) should be used in your paper.

Use the checklist provided on Blackboard. You will submit the completed checklist along with your summary paper. You are welcome to handwrite information on this form and scan a copy but you are also welcome to type into the form and attach a copy of the completed Word document.

Your paper and the checklist form must both be uploaded to Blackboard by the due date listed on your course schedule.

Complete your paper using the following outline:

Outline for Paper

· Brief description of client:

Include basic information about the client including initials, gender, approximate age, and any other information they share.

Include a statement that you informed your volunteer that this was for a class assignment and that you obtained permission from them to write about your interview with them.

· Brief summary of the client’s problem or issue:

In a few sentences or a brief paragraph, describe what the client talked about.

· Assessment of your performance:

Referring to the checklist you completed, describe what things you did well. Describe what you things you did not do so well.

· Subjective Experience – Personal Reaction:

Describe what this activity was like for you. Was it fun? Difficult? Scary? Be sure to include detail and explanation, not just a single word.

Describe what this activity was like for your volunteer. Was it fun? Difficult? Scary? Be sure to include detail and explanation, not just a single word.

· Assessment of your progress/improvement in interviewing:

You have now completed three interviews for this course. Describe how your interviewing skills have improved over the course. Provide at least three specific examples. Describe what areas you feel you need to continue to improve. Provide at least three specific examples.

· Plan for on-going practice and improvement:

Using the lists you provided in the above sections, discuss what you plan to do to continue to build upon your existing strengths in interviewing. Discuss what you plan to do to continue to work on the areas of improvement. Provide at least three specific activities/examples.


Your paper should follow basic APA formatting, including 12 point font, 1 inch margins, and double-spacing. A complete paper that responds fully to all sections will most likely be between 2 -3 pages in length.

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