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Just write a reply to these two posts. Write in your own words. ??Your required replies to your classmates should include:? what you do agree and / or disagree with their post and do you ha

  Just write a reply to these two posts. Write in your own words.   Your required replies to your classmates should include:  what you do agree and / or disagree with their post and do you have any questions about their perception of the sources?  Please differentiate which reply is which.  100 words minimum per reply. This is like a conversation. The first file is my discussion. And the second file is the reply post.  



W5 Ethics Discussion


Institution Affiliation



Question 1

I was taught important lessons about feminism in my culture and family, which was beneficial. They taught me that feminism was meant to fight for equal opportunities and not a movement that hates men, as most people believe. Instead, it is a movement that works towards ending injustices, although mostly surrounding women, including sexism and oppression, to acquire full gender equality in society.

Question 2

I would call myself a feminist based on what my family has taught me. I am passionately committed to equal rights and opportunity for people of all genders. I place a strong emphasis on valuing women's different experiences, identities, skills, and strengths, and I work to enable all women to exercise their full rights. My family has also sworn to practice this in our everyday settings since starting from the lowest society level can make a significant impact in the future.

Question 3

I believe the most important issue affecting feminism and gender equality is gender-based violence, as more women continue to face it in the US and worldwide. Gender-based violence (GBV) is when an individual is victimized or unduly impacted by violence-based gender. Gender disparity has both roots and impacts, and violence directed towards women is an abuse of the disproportion in power between women and men. It can be viewed as system of social control that supports the unequal power dynamics between both genders and reinforces the subservient position women currently hold.

Question 4

It is easy for men to feel that power is being taken from them and handed to women instead of seeing feminism in a good light. This is because men are so used to being privileged and can often become selfish because they do not feel secure and might feel threatened. This can be evidenced by how people might behave when a woman is promoted to an executive position in a company setting. Instead of being happy for her, most men would feel threatened.

Question 5

I wish the other gender knew the struggles of being a woman so they would appreciate the little effort women make and help them get to power positions and support their dreams. Women have to sire children, go through the monthly cycle, and suffer from discrimination; thus, it would only be fair to support them.

Question 6

I once searched for a job at a certain company, and they turned me down because they thought the job would not fit me as a woman and recommended I take a ‘softer’ position.



I was taught at an early age that women are to be respected and be treated with kindness. My family has taught me the importance of treating women with equality because we are all humans that deserve the same respect and opportunities. I believe that what my parents taught me was beneficial because it made me better as a person and broadened my view of the world. I personally don’t call myself a feminist and I can provide information to as why. Feminism is summed up as equal rights for women, that’s the main idea. I believe in equal rights for everyone, more so women of minorities. It doesn’t matter who is around me, that is my stance on things and my answer will not change. I feel the most important issue right now involving gender equality is allowing transgender athletes to compete in the opposite gender sports. Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer that recently won the women’s national championship was seen on the podium while the three female runners-up made a separate podium off to the side. I feel it depends on the person and how they were raised when it comes to gender equality. A female could be given more influence or power than me and I would see nothing wrong with it as long as they aren’t abusing said power or using it for negative reasons. I feel the same when it comes to men and power or influence, they may have or obtain. Some men may be threatened by women having more influence or power and I believe that is due to how they were raised. I wish another gender that believes it is so easy to be a man would realize that it isn’t and consider certain issues. Men must deal with stereotypes every single day, many of those stereotypes being associated with men’s feelings. In 2020, men had died by suicide 3.88x more than women, most of those men being in their mid-thirties and forties followed by a large number of men in their mid-twenties. Men also must deal with stereotypes associated with us that are based on how one man acted, we are all summarized as the same due to that one bad person.

REPLY B Roberto V

When looking at my family, the answer is a little more muddled than expected. I was raised alongside three sisters and so when growing up, I was not open to differences between us. My siblings and I grew up as equals despite the difference in gender between us. So there was almost no reason to expect life to be different between us when looking at it through the eyes of my child self. Feminism, to me, is a woman wanting equivalency between themselves and men. I think it follows the same principle of all things, too much of one thing is never a good thing. Wanting to be equal does not mean seeking superiority. Well considering everything I have learned; I would call myself a feminist. All my life I have lived with the notion that I am equal to my sisters and seeing that that truth is sullied by people who remain ignorant is bothersome. I would not answer different regardless of the presence of my family. I believe the biggest issue facing feminism right now is the people who do not truly understand the meaning of it. When it is broken down to its most sacred core, to be a feminist is to seek equality between the two genders. Often, I see that people who call themselves feminist seek superiority over the other gender with nothing, but a hateful notion buried beneath the surface of their words. I’ve always possessed the sense of equality between myself and my sisters so to say that it feels oppressing is incorrect through my eyes. To say that it is being taken away is not a proper way to look at that power. It would be better to say that that power is being rightfully shared when for so long men had the reign of society. It is far from easy always being assumed that you are a violent creature. One that is consumed by lust or by the primal desire to reproduce. It is hard to keep trying to share pieces of yourself with people who do not take your ideas or values seriously. Only being glossed over by the way that I look or how I do not see myself as. Perhaps giving people more time to be themselves but to still be wary will help those who feel the same way I do and prevent them from hollowing themselves out. All with the intent of even being approachable. I can recall my high school teacher being so unnecessarily aggressive to the male students in the classroom along with the mere notion of men being a nerve for her. She also called one of the female’s student’s father stupid without even knowing them. Or even after their husband had passed away, only a day would go by before she took back her maiden name. Still, she called herself a feminist.

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