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Post a photo of your kinship chart to your class online forum

I nedd to write a discussion and later ill add 2 of my classmates discussions , and i need comments on them.

Kinship – Discussion Board #4


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Learning Objective: How Are We Related to One Another?


For this assignment you will engage in the time-honored anthropological tradition of drawing kinship charts. Using the standard conventions found in the textbook, you will create a kinship chart (see the example above) documenting your own personal kinship relationships. Pay careful attention to the conventions. Whom do you include and whom do you leave out? Is your chart based entirely on biological descent, or does it include constructed kinship relationships?

Instructions: Complete and then submit the exercise below. You do not need to comment on any others post.

1. ( Online) Post a photo of your kinship chart to your class's online forum.

All posts made to each Lesson discussion are scored according to the following criteria:

· 0 points: no participation, no attempt to begin a discussion or respond to classmate.

· .5 – 5.75 point (F): varying degrees of failure; attempt to participate is not sincere; does not demonstrate much or any preparation; student clearly unwilling to participate or prepare; posts do not address the topic or engage peer in discussion; and/or post is incomprehensible due to grammar/spelling/syntax errors!

· 6 – 6.75 points (D): attempt does not demonstrate comprehension of material or full preparation for discussion, or does not address the discussion topic in a meaningful way, and/or post is very difficult to understand, containing grammar/spelling/syntax errors!

· 7 – 7.75 points (C): statements indicate willingness to participate but do not indicate full preparation or full comprehension, or may not address the discussion topic fully and/or post is somewhat difficult to follow, containing grammar/spelling/syntax errors.

· 8 – 8.75 points (B): statements indicate student willing and prepared for discussion, but may be lacking in complete understanding of concepts or complete coverage of discussion topic, and/or post contains some grammar/spelling/syntax errors. They have also responded to at least 2 other post

· 9-10 points (A): student’s enthusiastic participation indicates preparation, comprehension and complete understanding of concepts, has complete and accurate coverage of the discussion topic and is free of grammar/spelling/syntax errors.


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