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The corporation you chose in Week 5 which was (STARBUCKS) to?develop strategies and supporting tactics to implement positive organizational?changes?in the company. You will create a change

The corporation you chose in Week 5 which was (STARBUCKS) to develop strategies and supporting tactics to implement positive organizational changes in the company. You will create a change management plan presentation for the company’s Board of Directors. 

Please review the analysis of the company’s (STARBUCKS) change process from Week 5 to be sure you have a thorough understanding of the change and the need for the change. 

Create a 12 to 13 slide Change Management Plan Presentation. Include the following:

Evaluate why this change needed to occur.

Evaluate how this change impacts the company on a global scale.

Evaluate how this change impacts employees.

Using Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model, chart strategies and tactics for positively implementing the organizational change. Include the following in your chart:

Develop strategies for each of the 8 steps in Kotter’s model.

Develop tactics to support each strategy.

Support each strategy you develop with a rationale for why the strategy and its tactics is expected to be effective.

Explain how this positive organizational change will help the company sustain a competitive advantage in the global market.

Include speaker notes to include additional details that are not present on each slide.

Format any citations and references according to APA guidelines needs to be included.

I included the organizational chart from last week so you can go by for the analysis.

LDR/535 v4

LDR/535 v4

Organizational Change Chart

LDR/535 v4

Page 4 of 5

Organizational Change Chart

LDR/535 v4

Page 4 of 5

Organizational Change Chart

Organizational Information

Select an organization that needed a change to its culture as you complete the organizational change information chart.

For each type of information listed in the first column, include details about the organization in the second column.

Indicate your suggested actions for improvement in the third column.

Organization: Starbucks.



Suggested Actions for Improvement


"Cement our position as the foremost purveyor of the world's finest coffee without losing our steadfast dedication to quality as we expand globally," that is the vision of Starbucks.

A significant number of Starbucks' more recent personnel do not have enough knowledge of the company's long-term objectives. On a regular basis, employees need to be informed of the vision that the company has.


At Starbucks, it's all about elevating and building communities one person and one cup of coffee at a time. This is the company's mission.

The staff members at Starbucks are dedicated to going above and beyond in their work in order to accomplish the goal that has been set out by the corporation.


It takes on issues such as low-cost healthcare and education, wages that are competitive, the revitalization of inner cities, and civic discourse as part of its guiding philosophy and overarching objective.

The staff members of the organization are well knowledgeable about the requirements of the customers and are always eager to provide a helping hand.


As a team, we are committed to: 1) Fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels at home; 2) Challenging the status quo and seeking out innovative ways to expand our business and ourselves; 3) Maintaining open lines of communication characterized by honesty, courtesy, and mutual respect; and 4) Doing our best at all times and accepting responsibility for the outcomes of our efforts.

Despite the fact that the company's achievements can be linked back to its fundamental ideas, it is essential that employees be reminded of those principles on a regular basis.

Diversity and Equity

Diversity should be present in all aspect of a company's operations, including the personnel, the clients, and the suppliers.

The variety of backgrounds represented throughout the workforce is the organization's most valuable asset. They take great pleasure in establishing and sustaining an environment in which every worker is given the opportunity to contribute his or her own special flavor to the work that they do.


Relationships with suppliers and communities, as well as chances for individual development.

ERGs, or employee resource groups, are groups that employees may create in order to expand their professional networks, learn useful new skills, and share information that might benefit both the company and its customers.


This initiative's objective is to restructure and modernize the company by creating a new business model that more accurately reflects the enterprise's and our support teams' dedication to the company's long-term strategic goals. This will be accomplished through the development of a new business strategy.

We need to simplify the departments and teams that have too many levels of administration and employees by eliminating unnecessary positions and consolidating those that remain.


Org charts, functional divisions, administrative offices, and levels of management.

As a consequence of the extensive leasing of HUB sites and the sale of real estate, a great number of people have been relocated without adequate compensation, and unnecessary executive organization alignments have taken place.


A number of important topics are highlighted, including the company's web server, internal messages, conferences, and directors.

Everyone has to be kept up to date so they are aware of what is happening.

Organizational Perceptions

Considering the same organizational culture and change goal, rate your agreement from 1 to 5 in the second column with the statement in the first column. Use the following scale:

1. Strongly disagree

2. Somewhat disagree

3. Neither agree nor disagree

4. Somewhat agree

5. Strongly agree


Rating (1 – 5)

Employees know the organization’s vision.


Employees know the organization’s mission.


Employees know the organization’s purpose.


Employees know the organization’s values.


Overall, the organization is diverse and equitable.


Diverse groups are included in decision making and processes for change.


The change goal was successfully met.


The implementation strategies were effective.


The organization’s communication about the change was effective.


Kotter's 8-Steps to Change

Consider the goal for organizational change that you identified and the existing organizational culture.

For each of Kotter's 8-Steps to Change listed in the first column, rate whether you observed that step during the implementation process in the second column. Use the following scale to rate your observation:

1. Never observed

2. Rarely observed

3. Sometimes observed

4. Often observed

Identify actions you suggest for improvement in the third column.

Step Name

Rating (1 – 4)

Suggested Actions for Improvement

Step 1: Create Urgency.


Motivate everyone in the firm to talk openly about the cultural disparities they experience in the workplace.

Step 2: Form a Powerful Coalition.


Constructed a group that included members from a number of different departments.

Step 3: Create a Vision for Change.


Our objectives could be articulated, and we were able to put them into practice with accuracy.

Step 4: Communicate the Vision.


The goal of the organization was successfully communicated, and a single leader was chosen to act as the face of the change. Management was tasked with the responsibility of sustaining momentum throughout the process.

Step 5: Remove Obstacles.


Everything was broken out in great depth, including the benefits as well as the negatives. In spite of this, there are still problems with the execution and the logistics.

Step 6: Create Short-Term Wins.


Dates that have been predetermined for each milestone, as well as frequent progress updates on the state of the project.

Step 7: Build on the Change.


After the shift, there will be fresh chances for growth and expansion that may be taken advantage of.

Step 8: Anchor the Changes in Corporate Culture.


In addition to the availability of learning and development opportunities, a platform for the presentation of novel concepts was also made accessible.

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