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Write an essay in which you argue for a policy change in your community

Refer to rubric. If community needs to be narrowed down: state of Alabama. Deadline: Sunday, November 27th. Be sure to cite any sources used. No 2nd person. 3-4 pages. 


DIRECTIONS: Write an essay in which you argue for a policy change in your community. For the purpose of this assignment, any community to which you belong is acceptable; that means your community could be defined as any group to which you belong, such as a family, a church, a job, an organization or club, a school, etc. Do not choose a community larger than your state; in fact, it is better if your narrow community is no larger than your county or city. The reason I want you to focus on a narrow community is so you can narrow your audience and thus the appropriate evidence to support your position. Also, keep in mind that adding or deleting a policy would count as a policy change, and you can also argue for maintaining a current policy that is under review for possible alteration or deletion.

As always, this paper will be two to four pages in length, typed, double spaced, in MLA format. Three outside sources are required, and you must cite them correctly in the body of the paper and on a Works Cited page.

Because you are persuading your community (audience) to make a policy change, your thesis will probably include the phrases “should” or “should not” or very similar words. For example, let’s say you think the school should institute a policy that no final grades below C should be given credit towards degree completion. Your thesis would probably be something along these lines:

Because students should demonstrate at least average competency of subject matter in any class they complete, the University should no longer issue the grade of D in any course offered at the institution.

DUE: 11:59 PM on Friday, November 18th, 2022


1. CHOOSE A NARROW COMMUNITY—The narrower your community, the more focused your paper will be. Do not address a community larger than your state.

2. DOCUMENT ANY SOURCES—A minimum of three outside sources are required. If you use websites, books, interviews, or other sources, be sure to document them correctly (internally and externally).

3. ASSUME A REASONABLE TONE—People often disagree about policies in their communities; often those disagreements can become ugly and even violent. Your tone should be professional and diplomatic. Avoid name-calling and other insults and be sure to consider the opposition’s position. Your opponents may have good points, and you should acknowledge their interests and concerns. Ultimately, though, a successful argument will persuade readers that your position is better for the community.

4. AVOID HOT BUTTON ISSUES—Do not write about gun control, abortion, same-sex marriage, drug legalization, and other highly controversial issues that affect the country or the world. These topics are simply too difficult to address properly given the limits of this assignment (paper length, time allowed to finish the paper, etc). In addition, these topics are overdone; therefore, choose a topic that is fresh and original.

5. AVOID LOGICAL FALLACIES—Be sure to avoid hasty generalizations, slippery slopes, bandwagon appeals, and other common errors in logic.

6. DO NOT WRITE “IN MY OPINION”—It is clear that this essay is based on your opinion, which you are supporting with reasonable evidence, so there is no need to point it out.

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