Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Leaders are thought to have specific skills that help them in their success. Complete the following: Provide a detailed plan on how to increase your ranking on each of the 7 traits - EssayAbode

Leaders are thought to have specific skills that help them in their success. Complete the following: Provide a detailed plan on how to increase your ranking on each of the 7 traits

Leaders are thought to have specific skills that help them in their success. Complete the following:

Provide a detailed plan on how to increase your ranking on each of the 7 traits so that you fall into the 8–10 range.

Be specific, and provide training opportunities, education, and so forth that may be required for you to increase your skill levels.

Organization Interventions

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Organization Interventions

Selection Technique 1: Behavioral-Based Interviews

As an individual in charge of marketing, my preferred method for evaluating candidates would be conducting interviews based on behavior. This approach requires applicants to offer precise instances of how they have exhibited particular abilities or conduct in previous experiences. The reasoning behind this strategy is that previous conduct serves as a reliable indicator of subsequent results (Campion, Palmer, & Campion, 1997). Behavioral-based interviews, which prioritize practical scenarios, have the potential to furnish useful perspectives about a candidate's essential qualities such as their adaptability, communication skills, and problem-solving faculties, which are indispensable for triumph in a marketing position.

This method was chosen as it enables us to evaluate a candidate's competency in handling diverse marketing challenges and circumstances. Moreover, it permits us to comprehend their thinking methodology and their problem-solving approaches, which are crucial for a marketing manager mandated with designing innovative campaigns and tactics. Behavioral interviews assist us in evaluating whether a potential employee aligns with the company culture and is capable of collaborating efficiently with colleagues, consequently making a constructive contribution to the organization.

Selection Technique 2: Assessment Centers

I would opt for utilizing assessment centers as an additional method of selecting candidates. Assessment centers are composed of a sequence of tasks and undertakings devised to assess the proficiency, aptitude, and capacity of an individual for a particular position (Thornton & Rupp, 2006). Various types of activities such as group talks, role-playing, analyzing scenarios, and delivering talks may be incorporated into these training sessions. Assessment centers provide valuable insights into a candidate's aptitude for collaborating, communicating efficiently, and exhibiting the promise of leading.

The reason I opted for this approach is that it offers a thorough assessment of a prospective individual's qualifications for the position of a marketing manager. Assessment centers enable us to witness candidates in real-life situations, offering us a more comprehensive insight into their areas of excellence and areas for improvement. This method allows us to pinpoint individuals with great potential to advance and make valuable contributions to the company's prosperity in the future.

Employment Tests: Use, Value, and Validity

Employment assessments are useful in the hiring process since they offer factual information about a candidate's competencies, talents, and character traits. Employing these tests can enable establishments to make judicious recruitment choices and decrease the possibility of expensive recruitment blunders (Schmidt & Hunter, 1998). It is crucial to validate and establish reliability of the tests employed to accurately gauge the designated constructs and consistently produce comparable outcomes.

Some tests that I would consider using for a marketing manager role include:

1. Cognitive Ability Tests: These evaluations measure a person's overall cognitive aptitude, which encompasses their problem-solving, analytical reasoning, and judgment capabilities. Assessments of cognitive aptitude have been proven to be highly effective in forecasting performance in a diverse range of job positions (Schmidt & Hunter, 1998).

2. Personality Tests: Smart paraphrase: Utilizing personality tests may aid in pinpointing characteristic qualities essential for a marketing manager job, comprising of traits like receptiveness to new experiences, sociability, and mental resilience. The personality evaluation tool known as the Five-Factor Model (FFM) is extensively employed and has undergone thorough validation (Costa & McCrae, 1992).

3. Job-Specific Skills Tests: These assessments measure a potential employee's competence in particular marketing abilities, such as online marketing, developing content, or analyzing data. Employing job-specific skills tests can ensure that aspiring candidates possess sufficient technical knowledge and skills required to excel in the designated position.

To summarize, incorporating behavioral-based interviews, assessment centers, and dependable employment tests can greatly enhance the caliber of individuals selected for the position of marketing manager. By utilizing these methods that prioritize a candidate's capabilities, aptitudes, and future prospects, companies can establish a robust marketing group that facilitates overall achievement.


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