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Trainer and Assessor Guide

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Unit Code


Unit Name

Communicate with Influence

Name of the Document

Student Guide

About the Trainer and Assessor Guide

This Trainer and Assessor Guide has been designed to provide information about how the assessments will be conducted in this unit of competency to assess the skills and knowledge of students undertaking a face to face mode of study. It will also ensure that the assessment process is fair, flexible, valid and reliable and evidence collected meets the rules of evidence which includes authenticity, validity, sufficiency and currency.

This guide must be read in conjunction with the Student Assessment Booklet for assessment instructions.

Please read all the information in this Trainer and Assessor Guide before conducting any assessment for this unit.

PART 1: Assessment information: This part contains information on the assessment for this unit of competency and how an assessment will be conducted throughout this unit to achieve the competency.

It also explains the record-keeping requirements, plagiarism, reasonable adjustments, assessment appeals and other instructions necessary for the assessor to assist them to conduct an accurate assessment, including:

Purpose of the assessment

Conditions, context, required resources and location of the assessment

Assessment criteria

Assessment tasks

Outline of evidence to be collected

Evidence criteria used to judge the quality of performance

Administration, recording and reporting the requirements, including special adjustments, appeals, reasonable adjustments and assessor intervention.

PART 2: Assessment tasks and marking guides (model answers for tasks): This section contains assessment task information to successfully administer the assessment and the marking guides to make a valid judgment about whether competency has been achieved or not.

In each assessment task, the assessor will find the following information, which may include but is not limited to :

Task instructions

Role play/practical demonstration/scenario information

Information on resources required, where applicable (e.g. equipment, setting up the simulation environment)

Marking guide

Assessment feedback sheet

Appendix 1 – Resources required for the unit.

Assessment Information

The following section within the document specifies and provides information regarding the assessments that the students will complete for this unit of competency.

You will find all the necessary information to complete the assessment tasks, such as:

Purpose of the assessment

Context and Conditions for the assessment

The resources required

Performance evidence

Knowledge Evidence

Brief description of the assessment tasks to be conducted

Purpose of the Assessment

The purpose of the assessment is to determine competency in the unit BSBCMM511 – Communicate with Influence.

Context and Conditions for Assessment

To comply with the assessment conditions of this unit:

You must demonstrate adequate skills and knowledge evidence by providing a satisfactory outcome for each assessment task. You will be marked against the recommended model answers in the Trainer and Assessor guide.

You will have access to suitable facilities, equipment and resources, including template documentation, e.g. e.g. minute meeting template, delivery plan, communication policy, etc. to undertake the assessment tasks for this unit of competency.

ASOC will conduct the practical assessment for this unit in its classroom located at Level 4, 123 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000.

Knowledge assessment for this unit will be conducted at the ASOC classroom at the location identified on the timetable.

All ASOC Assessors of this unit must satisfy the requirements for assessors in applicable vocational education and training legislation, frameworks and/or standards.

Resources Required

In addition to the resources specified below, you will be required to have access to task resource requirements specified before each task:

Computers with access to the internet and MS Office Applications, including MS Word, Adobe Acrobat Reader and working web browser.

ASOC learner's resource for BSBCMM511 – Communicate with Influence.

Access to ASOC simulated business environment.

Performance Evidence

The candidate must demonstrate the ability to complete the tasks outlined in the elements, performance criteria and foundation skills of this unit, including evidence of the ability to:

Participate in and lead at least two meetings

Prepare and make a presentation to two different groups.

In the course of the above, the candidate must

Communicate with key stakeholders to position the business to best effect including:

Listening actively

Understanding information needs of others

Adapting communication to suit the audience

Identifying suitable platform for presentations

Presenting reliable information

Designing the presentation to meet the needs of the audience

Answering questions clearly and concisely.

Knowledge Evidence

The candidate must be able to demonstrate knowledge to complete the tasks outlined in the elements, performance criteria and foundation skills of this unit, including knowledge of:

Industry, media and government organisations, events and communication channels that are relevant to the organisation

Cross-cultural communication

Techniques for negotiation, mediation, conflict resolution and incident de-escalation

Structured and inclusive meeting procedures

Organisational policies and procedures relevant to:

Presenting and negotiating

Leading and participating in meetings

Making presentations communication tone, structure, style and impact on others

Relevant organisational policies and procedures on confidentiality of information.

Assessment Tasks

To achieve competency in this unit, you must satisfactorily complete all the following assessment tasks within the date and time specified in the session plan. This will demonstrate that you have all the required skills and knowledge for this unit.

Assessment tasks

Assessment description

Location of the assessment

Assessment Task 1 (AT1): Knowledge Test

This assessment includes a series of questions that you are required to answer. You will need to answer all questions correctly.

You will be given 4 hours to complete this task.

This assessment will be conducted in the ASOC classroom.

Assessment Task 2 (AT2): Project

This project requires you to complete a set of tasks that includes written practical tests and role-play activity. You may complete the projects in a simulated environment with access to all the resources specified in resource requirements.

This assessment will be conducted at the ASOC simulated business environment.

Assessment Tasks and Marking Guide

This section contains all the assessment tasks students will complete for BSBCMM511 – Communicate with Influence.

You will have access to all the resources as specified in the Task Resource Requirements.

Assessment Cover Sheet: Assessment Task 1 (AT1)

Student Detail

Student Name

Student Id:

Group No (If Applicable):

Assessment Details

Unit of Competency

BSBCMM511 – Communicate with Influence.

Assessment Task

Knowledge Test

Due Date

Date of Submission


Student Plagiarism Declaration: By submitting this assessment to the college, I declare that this assessment task is original and has not been copied or taken from another source except where this work has been correctly acknowledged. I have made a photocopy or electronic copy or photograph of my assessment task, which I can produce if the original is lost.



I declare that I have conducted a fair, valid, reliable and flexible assessment with this student. I have provided appropriate feedback to the student and declare that I have undertaken the indicated assessment integrity checks.

I have received, discussed and accepted my result as above for this task and I am aware of my appeal rights.

To be completed by the Assessor (Please tick the appropriate option)

Google check for plagiarism

· Yes

· No

Check for copying/collusion

· Yes

· No

Check for authenticity (own work)

· Yes

· No

Cheating or use of sample response

· Yes

· No

Assessor Signature

Student Signature

Assessment Task 1: Knowledge Test

Task Resource Requirements

You must have access to the below listed resources in addition to the resources listed in 'Resources Required' in 'Assessment Information'

Student Assessment Booklet


ASOC learner's resource for BSBCMM511 – Communicate with Influence.

Instructions for the Student

This assessment will be conducted in the ASOC classroom/computer lab with access to the resources listed above. This is an Open/Closed book assessment.

You must answer all knowledge questions as part of this assessment and you can submit answers in either electronic or paper-based. The assessor may verify the authenticity of your work by asking questions regarding the answers provided.

Planning the Assessment

Recommended date for assessment – [assessor to set a date as per timetable]

Access all resources mentioned in the required resources, either printed copies or access via the internet

Time required for assessment: 4 hours

You must:

Answer all the questions satisfactorily to be deemed competent.

Complete the assessment and submit it in due timelines.

Submit with a completed assessment cover sheet.

Your assessor must set a time to provide feedback.

Evidence Specifications

At the end of the assessment,you will be required to submit the following evidence before the due date specified by the assessor:

You are required to submit a completed knowledge test with all questions answered.

Completed and signed cover sheet for assessment.

Evidence Submission

Documentation can be submitted electronically or paper-based.

The assessor will record the assessment outcome on the assessment cover sheet.

Question 1

Complete the table by identifying the following assuming you are working at Bounce Fitness:

Name of your workplace/organisation

The industry to which your workplace/organisation belongs

Conduct research online or through other sources to identify the following information:

a. At least two media organisations that can help promote your workplace/organisation (30-50 words each)

b. At least two government organisations relevant to your workplace/organisation (30-50 words each)

c. At least two industry events that your workplace/organisation can participate in (30-50 words each)

Briefly explain how each of the identified information above is relevant to your workplace/organisation.

d. At least two communication channels that your workplace/organisation can use to communicate with its external stakeholders. (30-50 words each)

Briefly explain how your workplace/organisation can use each communication channel to communicate with its external stakeholders.

Access the link below to learn more about Bounce Fitness.

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Name of learner’s workplace/organisation

Industry to which the workplace/organisation belongs

a. Media Organisations