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Discuss the pathophysiologic relationship between cirrhosis and portal hypertension

I will ask details about the present symptoms, past health and medical history, current prescription or even any over the counter medications taken, injuries or even falls, recent change in diet plan, alteration of bowel habits, alteration of everyday routines which might contribute to the constipation of his. I’d also ask the patient in case he’s tried something, like over the counter or maybe liquid aids to alleviate the constipation of his. After the age of 65, you will find an increased number of risks a person will feel constipation due to various physiologic (normal) factors.

   2 .   Depending on the individuals clinical presentation, I’m suspecting a large or small bowel obstruction. At 64 years old, he’s in danger of developing cancer, severe blockages as a result of adhesions or maybe hernias thanks to bowel obstruction . To be able to distinguish between a large or small bowel obstruction KUB will be done.

3 .  Confirmation of diagnosis might be done through the following tests:

• BMP or even CMP (Can find out whether WBC’s are elevated for infection that is possible taking place or even electrolyte imbalance)

• An abdominal X-ray

• CT scan


• Abdominal ultrasound

• Barium X ray (Can identify tumors, ulcers, hernias and various other inflammatory conditions)

Case #2:

1 .     One option is Kyle is affected by gastroenteritis. Lower abdominal pain/cramping along with his diarrhea and nausea and also the possibility of a minimal grade fever are classic symptoms and signs of gastroenteritis. Yet another option is this might be idiopathic inflammatory bowel disorders, like crohn’s, ulcerative colitis or maybe Budd Chiari syndrome, that provides with problems like abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, and also worsening ascites 

2 .     Nausea is a difficult and unpleasant to summarize psychic experience in people and probably animals. Physiologically, nausea is usually associated with reduced gastric motility and increased overall tone within the small intestine. Emesis or vomition happens when gastric and usually little intestinal contents are powered up to and from the jaws. Alkaline duodenal contents are refluxed easily into the distal belly and will develop vomiting due to localized irritation. The action itself of vomiting is because of the diaphragm relaxing abruptly  and the abdominal pressure is rapidly transmitted to the chest area 

 1 .Discuss the pathophysiologic relationship between cirrhosis and portal hypertension.

    Cirrhosis is a type of liver disease. It happens when cells inside your liver start to be broken and your body cannot restore them. As the liver cells expire, scar tissue forms. A build up of scar tissue stops the right blood circulation. A normal liver is able to filter wastes and harmful toxins to obtain them out of the body of yours. If scar tissue prevents blood from flowing through the liver of yours, it cannot get filtered. This leads to wastes and toxins to get in the body of yours.

         Portal hypertension is a top complication of cirrhosis. Your entire body carries blood for your liver through a big blood vessel known as the portal vein. Cirrhosis slows the blood flow of yours and puts stress about the portal vein. This causes high blood pressure known as portal high blood pressure .

              The pathophysiologic connection between cirrhosis as well as portal high blood pressure is that the portal vein transports bloodstream through the liver. One complication of cirrhosis is the fact that portal hypertension is a top complication of cirrhosis. Viral hepatitis as well as alcohol abuse were labeled as the chief reasons of cirrhosis. Since scar tissues can’t filter blood in the liver, the squander item builds up within the body and can result in waste and toxins to make up. A returned flow of blood increases pressure on the portal vein and leads to hypertension or Portal high blood pressure .


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