Chat with us, powered by LiveChat For this assignment you are to complete an occupational Interview on an employee in a chosen human service field. (ATTACHED IS A SAMPLE INTERVIEW, THAT CAN BE USED). ?The atta - EssayAbode

For this assignment you are to complete an occupational Interview on an employee in a chosen human service field. (ATTACHED IS A SAMPLE INTERVIEW, THAT CAN BE USED). ?The atta

 For this assignment you are to complete an occupational Interview on an employee in a chosen human service field. (ATTACHED IS A SAMPLE INTERVIEW, THAT CAN BE USED).  The attachment is examples of interview questions other students have used.  You should NOT use the same questions (I encourage you to develop your own interview questions). MINIMUM OF 4 PAGES. 

Running Head: INTERVIEW (1)

FT7381 Human Services Occupational Competency

Dr. Jerry Martin

Interview (1)

[Conducted: June 5, 2014]

June 6, 2014

Submitted by: JW9726


Anonymous, personal communication, June 5, 2014 2

A series of interviews is being conducted in support of a thesis to be brought forth for consideration to the

School of Human Services at Amridge University in the Summer of 2014. The purpose of the interviews

is to assess the viability of the occupation of Professional Coaching. The interviewees will consist of

employees and employers related to Human Services occupations and specifically the occupations related

to Professional Coaching.

Human Resources Director

The initial interview, considered an informal interview, occurred in the interviewee’s office

setting. The interview lasted approximately thirty-five minutes, and was centered on the preparedness of

the interviewer for employment in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy and Life Coaching. The

interviewer offered his resume for review and explained his education and employment background.

There were no predetermined questions for the interviewee; however, the free flow of information was

attributable to the atmosphere set by the personalities of the interviewer and the interviewee.

The comments and reflections shared by the interviewee came with the assurance of sixteen years

of experience in Human Resources. The interviewee’s role consists of providing employment

information to the public, including opportunities for employment. The interviewee is responsible for

assisting individuals with a variety of occupational circumstances, including employee rights and

obligations. The interviewee is committed to recruiting, developing, rewarding and retaining members of

the workforce in a specified region. The interviewee’s role is administrative and customer service

oriented and includes advisement to supervisors and peers.

The interviewer determined from the interview that his resume is structured appropriately, and

furthermore that the information contained therein is considered impressive. The interviewee was able to

provide contact information for an occupational opportunity based on the interviewer’s interests. The

interviewer was encouraged to seek desired positions and “be in demand” versus settling for occupations


Anonymous, personal communication, June 5, 2014 3

with less potential for advancement and professional growth. When asked specifically about Life

Coaching, the interviewee’s opinion included the immature nature of the profession. The interviewee’s

statements regarding Life Coaching indicated a sense of uncertainty concerning the profession. The

interviewee vaguely cautioned the interviewer against investing a great deal of faith in the potential

success of such a venture. The interviewee seemed a bit more accepting of the idea of Executive

Coaching, but the interviewer did not probe these sentiments.

In part, this interview was purposed with gaining an understanding of the employee-employer

atmosphere in an area of close proximity to where the interviewer desires to seek employment. The

interviewer concluded that there are few opportunities for employment (i.e. being hired by an

organization or business) in the occupation of Professional Coaching within the geographical context of

the particular interviewee; however, the absence of employment opportunity may indicate the opportunity

for the establishment of such roles in an entrepreneurial or proprietary sense. Through this interview, the

interviewer has created a professional connection, obtained a lead to an employer and gained a sense of

the potential for establishing a niche in an area where such does not exist.

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