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What steps can we use to end racism and division among communities and cultures.

A new movement has started since the early 2000s, where some political groups are trying to remove American history from

our children’s school curriculum and textbooks, specifically slave history. However, these groups also do not want to cover segregation or civil rights.

And now a 2022 curriculum revision for the elimination of CRT is called REPLACEMENT Theory where they official show only progress history instead of the entire history. Here is a short TikTok that explains this:


By removing the history that we have just covered in these last eight weeks, the African American communities would be denied their connections to American History. Recently, African Americans have created movements such as “Black Lives Matter” to counteract these other groups. Many tie slave history to the development of segregation and racism that has spread throughout our country. A Historical Trauma has affected generations of African Americans because of what their ancestors had to endure just to survive in this country. This distrust has developed towards different groups, agencies and organizations. For those who are not affected, trying to understand what it means to be an African American in the United States showcases the need for this history to be taught in all schools and to every American.

Essay prompt:


Explain why every American should known this history and propose how knowing specific parts of this history could help mend race relations in the United States.


You will be expected to use specific facts, events and people from the class content, text book, lessons, lectures, discussions and videos to show how knowing this history can explain the trauma that has affected so many Americans.


These facts, events, and people must come from your required work this term and from research in the library or from the course bibliography.


In your letter, demonstrate the breadth of knowledge you have gained from this work.


If you wish, you can add to the letter some ways to heal our nation.


What steps can we use to end racism and division among communities and cultures.

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