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You will prepare a speech that is 3-5 minutes long on an informative topic and deliver it extemporaneously on video. You will then upload the video to YouTube and copy/



Please submit your Informative Speech Outline HERE.

Your outline is a part of your overall "Supporting Materials."

Your outline will be 50% of your grade for the Supporting Materials portion for this assignment.

Your actual speech video will be the other 50% of the grade.


Specific Requirements

You will prepare a speech that is 3-5 minutes long on an informative topic and deliver it extemporaneously on video. You will then upload the video to YouTube (mark as “unlisted”) and copy/paste the video link to the top of your outline.

Your purpose will be to inform your audience about an issue/concept/innovation of social significance. The format will follow organizational strategies appropriate for informative speaking (topical/chronological/spatial – review Chapter 7 on Organization). Examples of organizational strategies include:

Example 1: Most useful for speeches about objects/innovations:

I. Introduction

II. Explain what it is

III. Explain how it works/applications

IV. Share implications

V. Conclusion

Example 2: Most useful for speeches about a particular issue of significance:

I. Introduction

II. Provide historical context/background

III. Discuss current issues/people involved in the issue

IV. Share implications

V. Conclusion

The tricky part about a speech that is informative is the tendency to be too persuasive. Information is powerful and it may persuade your audience on its face, but your objective is not to persuade but inform/enlighten your audience.

Required with this speech:

· At least 1 Visual Aid (PowerPoint, Poster, Pictures, any form of visual text that supplements your speech)

· Cite at least 3 credible sources out loud.

· At least one of the sources should be from a peer reviewed journal.

· Typed outline and bibliography (references – APA or MLA format)

Sample Informative Topics (this is not an exhaustive list—you do not need to choose one of these topics)

Importance of education for professional growth

Lesson to learn from outside the classroom

Benefits of E-learning

What is the future of education

How to ace your college with online learning

Different forms of learning and teaching

Impact of artificial intelligence on learning

How IoT will change the way we work

Cybersecurity concerns for students

Cryptocurrency and future of finance

How machine learning is different from artificial intelligence

Virtual reality to boost effective teaching

Importance of learning how to code

Cloud computing and storage

Collaboration between humans and robots

Understanding evolution of the human race

How our brain functions

Benefits of co-curricular activities

The importance of discipline.

Financial planning for businesses

Impact of global warming

Melting of icebergs and polar caps

World environment day

Ill- effects of deforestation

Importance of energy efficiency

Sustainable development for the future

Technology and healthcare

Impact of food consumption on health

Psychological disorders: causes and impact

Treatment of chronic ailments

Importance of a balanced diet

Taking depression seriously

Advantages and disadvantages of home remedies

Importance of sleep

Effects of substance abuse on physical and psychological health

Power of sports and physical fitness for mental health

What is body language

How to convey your message without words

Importance of storytelling

Communicative disorders

Importance of sports in mental development

Joining a college sports team

Sports as a means to team building

Important lessons from sports

Successful women in sports

The rise of women solo travels

Backpacking through Europe: Points to remember

Getting student bargains for vacations

Seven wonders of the world

Most popular trekking trails

Travelling through flights for the first time

Travelling essentials

Bridging the gap between public and private

Fighting patriarchy

Women’s rights in the 21st century

Understanding gender and sex

Pros and cons of using social media

Using social media to promote a cause

Using social media for networking

Understanding different social media platforms

Has social media killed in person conversations

Innovation and economic growth

Top pillars of successful innovation

Importance of taxes

Impact of political decisions on economic growth

Balancing demand and supply for economic growth

Mapping the economic growth of USA

Investing in stock market

Attending college on a budget

Top scholarships to aim for

Applying for student loans: Tips

Top investing options for students

Furnishing an apartment inexpensively

Making the right investment choice

What are your guiding values

What is the importance of freedom of expression

Why is it important to respect elders

Learning moral values in school

Application of moral values in real life

Importance of family in one’s life

Understanding sympathy and empathy

Different personality traits

The impact of social conditions on behavior

How to develop sensitivity

Understanding psychological disorders

Evolution of psychology

Branches of psychology

Relationship between psychology and other disciplines

Importance of career counselling for college students

Which stream to opt for to pursue your career

Top career options for humanities and social sciences

Top career options for science

Top career options for commerce

Tips for a successful career

Writing the perfect resume and cover letter

The best form of government

Elections in a democracy

Politics and red tapism

Socialism vs capitalism

The era of liberalization, privatization and globalization

Impact of politics on economy


Why Laughter Is the Best Medicine

By Michael Fisher


1. Narration/Attention-Getter: Everybody always says that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

2. Common Ground: And of course, that may be true, but why have we never heard anybody say that a laugh a day keeps the doctor away?

3. Credibility Statement: Personally, I love to laugh and intentionally incorporate it into my everyday life.

4. Thesis Statement/Central Idea: Today I am going to tell you why laughter is the best medicine.

5. Preview of Main Points: Laughter leads to a healthier physical, mental, and social lifestyle.

Transition: First, let’s start with physical health.


1. Main Point #1: Laughter improves physical health.

a. Many feel that if there is no pain, there is no gain to physical health.

b. I feel that if there is no grin, there is no win.

c. It has been scientifically proven that laughter can improve your physical health.

i. According to Lee Berk (associate professor, Allied Health Studies and Physical Therapy Departments, Loma Linda University, California), the benefits of laughter in an experiment that he conducted, in which people watch 20-minute video clips of comedic television programs, were equal to those of a moderate 20-minute workout.

1. Exercising comes a long way to make you feel stronger and more energized.

2. Trying one of Berk’s “laughersizes” can yield similar benefits.

ii. Laughing also helps prevent disease and infection.

1. Laughing aids in protecting the heart and circulatory system and boosts our immune systems.

2. One interesting example is in Berk’s research:

a. If an expectant mother laughs an ample amount during pregnancy, breast milk will be of better quality.

b. Her newborn infant’s immune system is helped through breastfeeding.

c. This is because, according to (a well-trusted nonprofit resource for help in resolving health challenges), laughing helps decrease stress hormones while increasing immunity cells and infection-fighting antibodies.

iii. Laughing also causes a release of endorphins from your body.

1. Endorphins are a chemical that your body contains and emits when it needs to physically feel good.

2. This can even alleviate pain for brief periods of time.

Transition: Now that we have covered how grinning is winning for physical health, let’s take a look at how turning that frown upside down can improve your mental well-being.

2. Main Point #2: Laughter improves mental well-being.

a. Laughter has been proven to reduce stress and alleviate anxiety.

i. By doing so, you’ll be able to stay focused on a task for a longer period of time.

ii. This will prevent the feeling of becoming overwhelmed and needing to multi-task by finishing five things all at once.

iii. For example, this will help you finish your homework on time, get that job promotion you’ve been waiting for, or just maintain personal and professional relationships.

iv. It is also naturally impossible to harbor negative emotions while you are laughing.

b. One way to laugh easily and get that peace of mind that you have long awaited is through laughter yoga.

i. Laughter yoga is a method of mental cleansing where you pair breathing exercises with self-initiated laughter.

ii. According to Angela Haupt, US News & World Report, who has also been a laughter yoga instructor since 2007, activities at laughter yoga include child-like playfulness and Visa laughter.

iii. In Visa laughter, you open up ridiculously high credit card bills that are fake and just laugh at them because you don’t actually need to pay them.

c. By doing exercises like those, you have the opportunity to look on the brighter side of negative situations.

i. This will help you in the long run when you are faced with a difficult dilemma that might require you to make an even more difficult decision.

ii. Deborah Williams, who has been a laughter yoga instructor for many years for many different types of people, states, “At first I thought it was a goofy idea, but since I started doing it, I react to things in a more lighthearted way. It helps to brush away some of the gray clouds, and it’s a fun thing to do.”

Transition: Last, I want to emphasize how laughter helps you become a more positive, openly sociable person.

3. Main Point #3: Laughter improves social lifestyle.

a. Social health is something that not many people take into consideration through-out life.

i. It is actually one of the most important aspects of life.

ii. According to, life can easily be improved by laughter.

b. Laughter helps to neutralize communication during conflict.

i. You will have the ability to forget what caused the conflict to arise, such as judgments or opinions, while you are trying to solve the conflict, instead of just making harsh or cruel remarks in return.

ii. When communication is more open and direct, it will be more calm and collected.

c. Laughter is also contagious, so it will attract others to you.

i. Humans and even animals are more naturally tempted to gravitate toward you while you are laughing because it is releasing positive energy from your body.

ii. They might run away from you if you emitted negative energy from your body by not laughing.

d. There are a countless number of ways to conjure up laughter.

i. You can have a game night with your friend.

ii. You can go see a funny movie.

iii. You can go to comedy clubs.

iv. You can play with your pet.

v. You can partake in simple fun activities such as crafts and adventures.

vi. You can go to a laughter yoga session as previously mentioned.

e. Laughter helps promote teamwork and bonding skills.

i. One story that I read from is the perfect indicator that when you can laugh together, you can bond and work together more effectively.

ii. This story was about a man named Roy, who really enjoyed playing golf.

1. He started to overanalyze all of his mistakes because the players that he was playing with were affecting his attitude since they were all very serious about the game.

2. When he started to play with people who were more lighthearted about it, he was able to score better without trying harder, and he stopped being so critical of himself.

3. He was able to have more fun and bond with those people better.

Transition/Signal Conclusion: There is ample evidence on why laughter is the best medicine, so let me review the highlights.


1. Review Thesis/Central Idea and Main Points: Laughter contributes to an overall healthy lifestyle physically, mentally, and socially.

a. A 20-minute “laughersize” will provide you with benefits equivalent to a moderate 20-minute workout.

b. Laughter yoga will help you to mentally erase any stressors or anxieties that you may be facing.

c. It has been proven that when you can laugh together, you can work together.

2. Closing Memorable Statements: Laughter is more than a simple smile from ear to ear and a few chuckling noises.

a. It’s a means of achieving that picture-perfect life that everyone hopes to have.

b. It is a means of being healthy, happy, and wholesome.


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