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What should Kelly do to help Jim improve his center’s performance but also build his self-efficacy?

M3 Case Analysis: What to do with Jim?


Upon hearing about all the great things you are learning in your MBA classes, your friend Kelly asks for your advice on how to handle a situation at work. Answer her questions below with at least 300 words per question, based on everything you have learned in the class so far.


Kelly is the Regional Manager over seven after school educational centers for children who are struggling academically. The company is a for-profit company, and relies on monthly membership dues for its revenue. Most of the centers are doing well financially, but the one in the wealthiest part of town is actually doing the worst in terms of membership. Jim is the director of that center, and is relatively new in his role after getting promoted up from the assistant director role. However, Jim is a bit introverted and so struggles with the sales end of getting new members, and he tends to manage based on his feelings rather than data, so he struggles with managing operations too.


The CEO called a meeting with Kelly and suggested that she take over Jim’s center for 6 months to turn it around and provide a good example for Jim on how to do the job correctly. However, Kelly is concerned that this move would do more harm than good, since it might hurt Jim’s feelings, prevent him from gaining self-efficacy, and undermine his authority with his staff.


The staff performs their tasks efficiently, but because their salary is so low (they work more hours than public school teachers, but make less money), morale and commitment are difficult to maintain. The company tries to keep employees tied in to their great mission of helping struggling children, but employees still complain about the long hours and low pay. And Jim doesn’t like to ask people to do extra things that are not in their job description, so the center looks a little dirtier and less organized than other centers in Kelly’s region. As an introvert, he would rather avoid personal confrontation, so he tends to manage by leaving sticky notes around the office, which usually get ignored or conveniently lost.


Kelly knows that she needs to get Jim’s center performing well quickly, or else his job (and maybe hers) may be in jeopardy. But she also knows she needs to develop Jim as a manager or whatever changes she makes will just evaporate when she leaves. Kelly visits each center once per week. She doesn’t know if she should take over Jim’s center or try to develop him during their weekly visits. Also, she is concerned about staff motivation and commitment, but she doesn’t know how to improve it without hurting profitability.


1. What should Kelly do to help Jim improve his center’s performance but also build his self-efficacy?


2. Jim is an ISFP on the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator, so what would you recommend that he do in order to improve his effectiveness as a manager?


3. What should Jim do to improve motivation among his staff?


4. What should Jim do to improve organizational commitment among his staff?


5. How should Jim communicate these changes to his staff?

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