Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Need a graphic designer that can successfully turn my pdf ebook into a eye catching attention grabber that will want more people to purchase and read it.?TheFullCompleteGuidetoDigitalProdu - EssayAbode

Need a graphic designer that can successfully turn my pdf ebook into a eye catching attention grabber that will want more people to purchase and read it.?TheFullCompleteGuidetoDigitalProdu

Need a graphic designer that can successfully turn my pdf ebook into a eye catching attention grabber that will want more people to purchase and read it. 

Kris Warren Presents

The Full Guide to Turning

Your Phone into an ATM

With Digital Products

By: Kris Warren

Table of Contents

* here’s what you’ll learn. *

Stage 1

1. Digital Products (Page 2)

– what are digital products?

Stage 2

2. Niche (Page 3)

3. Content Ideas (Page 3)

4. Content Creation (Page 4)

Stage 3

5. Marketing (Page 5)

– lifestyle marketing

– indirect marketing

– email marketing (Page 6)

6. Build a family – exposure (Page 7)

Stage 4

7. Your Website (Page 8)

– creating an e-book

– how to upload and sell digital products online

8. Tips & Tricks (Page 9)

Stage 5

9. Stay Motivated (Page 10)

10. Congratulations (Page 10)

11. Disclaimer (Page 11)

Stage 1


Here You’ll Get an In-Depth Look at How to Start Selling Digital Products.

*Always Conduct your own research because this is very vital for your success, this guide is simply just a booster to give you more knowledge and guidance on digital products. *

What Are Digital Products

Digital Products are products that you can create one time and sell numerous times without ever having to worry about selling out of stock.

Examples: eBooks, Courses, Digital Planners, Templates, Digital Cookbooks, Vendors, Etc.

The first thing you must find honestly is your product. If you are super knowledgeable about something such as reselling shoes or the best workouts to lose weight quickly, put this information in an eBook. At the end of the day, your information is valuable, and everyone might not know how to do a particular skill that you specialize in. If you don’t have a skill, it’s not hard to learn one. Don’t overcomplicate this phase because people make eBooks on literally anything, it’s all about finding your own lane and pursuing it with full focus!

An eBook is an online book and is like a regular book just virtual. One thing I’d say is to never let anyone feel like they must get your information for free. Nothing in life is ultimately free at the end of the day. If you feel that your information is something that can help people and you took the time to learn the skill then it’s something worth selling, time is money. This eBook you’re reading right now is an example of an eBook.

Stage 2


A Niche is something that you specialize in or find enjoyable to do.

For example, my niche is making money online and lifestyle. When people leave my page, I want them to be motivated, feel inspired, and feel like they can do anything they put their mind to.

To find your niche ask yourself what you want people to get out of when they visit or stumble upon your page. What do you want people to learn or understand and how can you be the one to teach them is what you have to ask yourself when picking a niche to get into?

Content Ideas

There is a world full of ideas that can be used to make content out of. To name some examples, Walking to the car, on vacation, getting ready with me, washing dishes, cleaning up, cooking, dance videos, behind the scenes, at the gym, typing on the computer, on the iPad or iPhone, decorating, at a café or coffee shop, doing inventory, teaching, journaling, making a bed, sitting on a bed, simply using the products your promoting, walking down the street, a day in the life, walking around your house, on the beach, at the pool, shopping, vlogs, unboxing, eating, bloopers. Etc.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t always have to be complex. You can keep things simple cause sometimes simple does more than enough!

Content Creation

When creating your videos, if you have an iPhone, shoot with the camera app. This is to get the best quality when creating content. For editing use the app called “Capcut,” this is probably the easiest editing app to use because its pretty straight forward. It is also very efficient when it comes to the editing process, and this is what I edit my content with.

When you’re on TikTok or making reels, you can also see sometimes, at the bottom, it will say Capcut templates, and you can click this, and it will direct you straight to Capcut.

Note: Avoid posting videos on Instagram with the TikTok watermark on it!

Listed below are some of the daily items you can use when creating content. Now, you don’t have to use these exact items listed but they’re just what I would recommend using when making content because it’ll make things easier for you.

iPhone 14 Pro Max or 15

· To Press Record

Ring Light

· To enhance the brightness of your content


· To keep your content steady and be more hands off which will allow you to do more in the content.

Stage 3


When marketing you must follow trends, of course, we know that. But it’s all about being strategic. When doing this, my favorite types of marketing to do are lifestyle marketing and indirect marketing.

Lifestyle Marketing

With Lifestyle marketing it must be aesthetically pleasing to the viewer. Try to put yourself in the viewers shoes and ask yourself questions like, “Would this video work on me?” before you post. Make sure you post content that would catch your eye if you were scrolling on your feed. Don’t just post anything and expect people to purchase what you’re selling. Make sure you have a detailed caption that will grab the viewers’ attention so you can make your sale.

I record all kinds of content to promote my product. When doing this, creating reels are great cause this is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your product or store. The more eyes the better and what better way to do this than by giving the viewer proof by posting reels. Using TikTok is also another outlet you can use to get your content out there organically.

Indirect Marketing

With Indirect marketing its when you promote a product right in someone’s face and they can’t even tell it’s an ad. Key tip you want to sell your product without selling your product., I like to just let it sell itself.

For Example, show a video of you doing a regular daily activity then say something along the lines like “When you wake up and already made what you use to make in 2 weeks while you were sleep” It’s very important when you do this type of content to show receipts.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a game changer, but you must know how to get people to sign up to your website / stan store email list. I created this eBook to guide people on how to make money online, because everybody seemingly loves how to make money, so what better then to help them do this from the comfort of their phone anywhere in the world.

For example, in my discord, I pretty much answer frequently asked questions, give insight on exactly what I’m doing and how I got started. Sometimes people get it and feel like you’re giving them game they just can’t find anywhere else. I do this to capture emails so that way I can send automated emails too and they’ll usually come back and purchase. This is why email marketing is very important, just another outsource to attractive clients to your product.

The goal is that you should want your customers to keep coming back so you need to make sure you have quality products and take feedback seriously because it matters and is very important for growth. You must make sure to stay connected with your customers, interaction is everything! If you ever come across frequently asked questions you may want to put it an eBook or pin it somewhere that means everybody want to know the same thing.

Build A Family

You want to build a family! You can create scheduled lives. Tell people when you’re going live & they’ll plan ahead just to talk to you. Before you do things like subscriptions and make people subscribe to you make sure you build a community for this all to be remotely possible. Just think if your movie comes on at 8:00 pm, you’re going to be settled by 7:00 waiting for your movie to come on. You can build the same type of platform simply from your phone.

Make sure you’re building a community with your followers and supporters. You must interact with your followers, do polls, ask questions, go live, etc. This builds trust overtime which equals to more sales in the long run.

Never stop thanking your audience/community! Showing your gratitude and appreciation will always help with building a community. You can show appreciation by reposting your customers, saying thank you, letting them go live with you, giving discounts every so often, creating content that they ask for, and even flash sales.

Make sure you use informative captions also. You want to be sure your audience can read your captions and get a clear understanding; you want them to be able to learn from your captions. If your video takes viewers to your caption you want to be sure to include where to find the product you’re selling, why they need product, how it will help them, and a list of benefits for the product(s).

Stage 4

Your website

Make sure you use a website that supports digital products. Personally, I use stan store, but there are others like Wix and Shopify that support digital products. You don’t want to try to manually send out digital products cause you want to make sure you have a website that does it instantly for you to keep you more organized. The goal is always to work smarter not harder. Always test out your digital product download as well, to make sure everything is smooth for the customer if/when they decide to digitally download. Make sure you run a test order and can successfully download the item that you’re promoting with no problem. This stage is very important!

Creating An E-Book

1. Go into Microsoft word or Canva.

2. Select Blank document or A4 Document.

3. Create your design, brainstorm the layout you want and add pages.

4. Start with your ideas for your eBook and type what’s on your mind.

5. Edit, revise, & download it to make sure all the pages link together.

6. When completed, Save it as a PDF!

How to upload/sell digital products online

1. Go to stan store, create a profile then go to my store.

2. Click add product.

3. Click Sell a digital download.

4. Add your file and product information.

I sell on stan store so that I can market my own products and I pay a monthly subscription to do so. I upload my products one time and when someone purchases a digital product, they enter their email & stan store sends it directly to their email. If someone misspells their email you even have the option to go in and edit it.

Tips & Tricks

Caption Ideas

For examples I like to use are:

· POV: You sell digital products so you can make money from anywhere if you have a phone & some Wi-Fi.

· You created a digital product and made __ in 2 days. Now you teach others how to do the same.

· POV: You made __ from a digital product that cost you $0 to make.

· I just made __ from digital products and you can too but you keep scrolling.

· Realizing you don’t need a 9-5 when you can make more money than your old boss selling digital products.

Make sure that the caption is attention-seeking. Think to yourself and ask if you were scrolling on your feeds will this caption work on you.

Graphic Designer

When looking for a graphic designer, you can use social media or websites online that allow others to do the work for you at a cost. However, be very careful, always make sure you check reviews and watch out for unprofessional-ism, typos, people with long response times. Don’t allow anyone to get you with a bunch of excuses. If someone can’t make you a priority when you inquire about the design, then they don’t deserve your money. Try not to use cash app, apple pay, or any third-party payments unless you know the designers are 100% legit. Try to use your debit or credit card on a website instead so that way if things go left, you can dispute the charge and get your money back if needed.

Stage 5

Stay Motivated

When you’re on social media, the people you follow should be people that you can learn from. Always keep some motivational people on your timeline cause its help with building ideas and growth for your personal feed. Do not try to recreate the wheel but take advice and guidance from people ahead of you or people that motivate you to want to win and go harder on your business, brand, website, store, etc. At the end of the day, you want to stay inspired so that you can stay creative.

When it’s hard to create new content recycle content never stress yourself out trying to overdue things. Work smarter not harder. Scenery videos are always good because they can be used multiple times for different scenarios.


You’ve successfully read through the e-book and are ready to start your journey with selling digital products. Use this e-book as a guide and reference for quick tools and resources when starting digital products.

As always, thank you for your support! Keep up with me on all social media platforms and feel free to tag me and interact!



The contents of this e-book contain tips and tricks that have worked for the author personally. In no way is the author making promises about any results for any individual or brand. My advice is to be taken at one’s own discretion.

Limitation of liability/disclaimer of warranty: The author and publisher of this book has prepared it with the best intentions. However, they make no guarantees of results. All information and resource materials are for educational purposes only. Remember if you market the right way you can sell anything!

Wishing everyone the best of luck on their journey to making money online.

Thank You,

Kris Warren

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