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Group Project Part 2:? Market Research and Needs Assessment?? Objectives: Identify customer needs. Assess market demand and conditions. Module 2: Market resear

Group Project Part 2:  Market Research and Needs Assessment  group.svg


  • Identify customer needs.
  • Assess market demand and conditions.

Module 2:

  • Market research techniques.
  • Conducting needs assessments.


  • A 2-3 page Market Research Report detailing customer needs and existing solutions in the market (add References per APA).
  • The prototype is late – prepare an email informing the Program Manager.


The air is thick with tension in the conference room where the project team has gathered. Emma, the Program Manager, looks up from her laptop momentarily, looking up to address her team. "Thank you for the project scope document.  I know that you are working on some market research for next meeting's deliverable."

Lisa, responsible for the Engineering aspect, and Raj, in charge of Logistics (both are your Subject Matter Experts (SME's), are clearly anxious. "Okay team, we've got some issues to discuss, and they're affecting our timeline. Let's address these head-on," Emma initiates the conversation. "The project scope has changed – well, at least clarified.  Our sponsors are insisting that the technical solution be environmentally sustainable and climate-friendly, so that eliminates several of the options we were considering.  It must use renewable energy sources."

Lisa sighs and pushes her glasses up her nose, "I have to admit, the prototype's development isn't going as smoothly as we'd hoped. With this scope change, we are facing challenges with the renewable energy component that we just didn't anticipate. Sidd is working on it but It may… set us back." Emma glances at her Gantt chart, thinking of the cascading effect this could have on other parts of the project. "Lindsey Wilson Project Team, let me know by the end of the week."

Raj chimes in, "And that's not all. I've been doing some calculations on the logistical side. Given the road conditions and the remote locations where we're planning to deploy, we might also face delays in delivering the materials and units.  There are also some, um, geopolitical events going on in the Middle East, of course." 

Tim, Legal Counsel, nods in agreement.  "I'm monitoring local, US, and UN guidance around ongoing unrest, sanctions, that sort of thing. India and even Africa are going to be less challenging than the Middle East." 

Maria from Finance replies, "Nothing from me, but part of our funding comes from a non-profit that is facing some pressures.  I'll advise when I know something, but for now he $1,000,000 budget seems do-able."

Emma looks around the room at her Lindsey Wilson Project Team – each face reflecting the weight of their ambitious project. "Alright, we've got challenges, but we also have an opportunity to innovate and solve real-world problems here. Lisa, please brainstorm alternate energy solutions in the next couple of days to see how we can catch up. Raj, can we find local partners in the deployment areas to mitigate some of these logistical issues?" She pauses for effect. "This project's impact could be huge, and that's why we chose it. It's also why we're going to adapt and overcome these challenges." There's a murmur of agreement and renewed focus as the team prepares to delve back into problem-solving mode, each committed to steering the project back on track.


Late in the week, Lisa, the Engineer, comes to you and says, "I apologize.  I know I promised the prototype specs to you this week, but it won't be until next week. The scope is going to change to include a reed bed for water filtration. Will this delay the fielding of the project at the end of six months?"  You think about it… you are working on the Market Research Report. This delay will delay the project, but can the team still meet the project deadline?  Prepare an email informing the Program Manager, and let her know your thoughts.

Welcome to the accelerated six-module Water Purification Project!

Your task is to leverage project management and system design principles to address an urgent issue – providing clean water in rural communities. Working in teams, you will research, design, and present a technology-enabled water purification system capable of producing at least 500 gallons of clean water per day per unit. With a generous budget of $1 million for 1,000 units, you'll focus on scalability, efficiency, and sustainability. 

Use your textbook and resources to prepare your deliverables.Your evaluation will be based on the feasibility, scalability, and quality of your deliverables, as well as your final presentation. Good luck!

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