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Write a personal analysis of the impact of the news media on your own life and your own perceptions of government and politics. Consider where you get most of your inf

 Write a personal analysis of the impact of the news media on your own life and your own perceptions of government and politics. Consider where you get most of your information and analyze these sources in terms of the amount of coverage 

Review the comments provided by 2 fellow students and answer the following questions:

  • Did you learn about and identify ideological bias within any of your current news media sources that you were previously unaware of?
  • Did the results of this discussion assignment change what news media sources you will utilize?
  • Do you feel that the news media has too much impact on your own life and your own perceptions of American culture, government and politics? How might this change after completing this assignment?

Response 1

The impact of the news media on my life and perceptions of government and politics is profound and multi-faceted (Parvatiyar & Sheth, 2023). The sources from which I gather information greatly influence my understanding of current events and shape my views on political matters. Primarily, I rely on a mix of traditional and digital media outlets for news consumption. This includes established newspapers, television news channels, online news websites, and social media platforms. Each of these sources offers a distinct perspective, contributing to the diversity of information that informs my worldview.


The amount of coverage a particular issue receives plays a significant role in determining its importance to me. Issues that receive extensive coverage across multiple platforms tend to capture my attention more readily, influencing my perception of their significance within the political landscape. Conversely, topics that receive minimal coverage may not register as prominently in my consciousness, even if they hold substantial implications.


The tone and framing of news coverage also shape my perceptions of government and politics. Biased or sensationalized reporting can distort the facts and sway public opinion, leading to misunderstandings or misinterpretations of complex issues. On the other hand, balanced and objective reporting fosters a more nuanced understanding of political events, enabling me to form well-informed opinions.


Social media platforms, while valuable for their immediacy and accessibility, present both opportunities and challenges in shaping my perceptions. While they provide a platform for diverse voices and viewpoints, they also amplify echo chambers and the spread of misinformation (Henschen & Sidlow, 2023). Thus, I must approach social media with a critical eye, discerning between credible sources and unreliable sources of information.


In navigating the vast landscape of news media, I recognize the importance of actively seeking out diverse perspectives and engaging with reputable sources. By doing so, I aim to cultivate a well-rounded understanding of government and politics, empowering myself to participate in informed civic discourse and contribute meaningfully to society.





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Parvatiyar, A., & Sheth, J. N. (2023). Confronting the deep problem of consumption: Why individual responsibility for mindful consumption matters.  Journal of Consumer Affairs57(2), 785-820.

Response 2

In the digital age, the news media has become a pervasive force in shaping public opinion and individual perceptions of government and politics. As a student and an active member of society, I have found that my understanding and views on political matters are significantly influenced by various media outlets from which I receive information.

The majority of my news consumption comes from online platforms, including news websites, social media feeds, and occasionally televised news broadcasts. These sources provide a constant stream of information that is both accessible and immediate. However, this convenience comes with its own set of challenges, particularly in terms of the quality and depth of coverage.

Online news websites are my primary source of information. They offer a mix of breaking news, in-depth analysis, and opinion pieces. While these sites are valuable for staying informed, I have noticed that the amount of coverage can vary greatly depending on the issue. Some political events receive extensive reporting, while others are barely mentioned. This disparity in coverage can lead to a skewed perception of what is important in the realm of government and politics.

Social media, on the other hand, provides a curated flow of news based on algorithms and my previous interactions. The personalized nature of social media newsfeeds means that I am more likely to encounter articles and opinions that align with my existing beliefs. This echo chamber effect reinforces my current perceptions but does little to challenge them or present alternative viewpoints.

Television news, which I watch less frequently, tends to focus on sensational stories and soundbites rather than providing comprehensive coverage. The visual and emotional impact of television news can be powerful, but it often lacks the context and detail necessary for a full understanding of complex political issues.

Reflecting on these sources, I recognize that the news media plays a critical role in informing my views on government and politics. However, it also becomes clear that each medium has its limitations in terms of coverage and depth. To counteract potential biases and gaps in my knowledge, I make a conscious effort to consult multiple sources and seek out diverse perspectives. By doing so, I aim to develop a more balanced and nuanced understanding of the political landscape.

In conclusion, the news media has a profound impact on my perceptions of government and politics. It shapes not only what I know about the political world but also how I interpret and engage with it. Recognizing the power of the media to influence public opinion, I strive to be a discerning consumer of news, aware of the potential for bias, and committed to seeking out a broad range of information. Through this approach, I hope to form well-rounded opinions and contribute meaningfully to the democratic process. 

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