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Experiential Exercise: Concise Business Model Analysis

 Follow the Business Model Canvas framework(please find attached Document and YouTube Video Link) to analyze the business model of " Mastodon " Company.(We need to write About Mastodon Company)

YouTube Link for Model Canvas Reference:

Link for info on Mastodon Company:

Experiential Exercise: Concise Business Model Analysis

Objective: To apply strategic management concepts by conducting a concise analysis of the business model of a leading innovative company. This exercise focuses on understanding the core components that contribute to the company's success, including its value proposition, customer segments, and revenue streams.


1. Preparation:

· Choose company: Mastodon

· Teamwork is allowed; however, the report should be individual.

2. Research and Analysis:

· Engage in focused research to gather key information about your chosen company. Pay special attention to its business model, including how it creates, delivers, and captures value.

· Utilize the Business Model Canvas as a guide to identify critical elements of the company's strategy, such as its value proposition, key activities, key resources, customer relationships, channels, customer segments, cost structure, and revenue streams.

3. Concise Report Writing:

· Write a 2-page report that succinctly summarizes your analysis. Your report should cover:

· An introduction to the company and its significance in the market.

· A brief overview of the company’s business model, highlighting its value proposition and customer segments.

· Analysis of the company’s revenue streams and how it monetizes its products or services.

· Discussion of the competitive advantage and scalability of the business model.

· Identification of major challenges the company faces and brief recommendations on how it might address these challenges to sustain growth.

4. Formatting and Submission:

· Your report must be concise, limited to 2 pages, and formatted according to APA guidelines.

· Ensure clarity and brevity in your writing, focusing on analytical depth and strategic insights.

Assessment Criteria:

· Clarity and precision in the identification and analysis of the business model components.

· Insightfulness of the analysis regarding competitive advantage and market positioning.

· Relevance and feasibility of the recommendations provided for overcoming challenges.

· Overall quality of the report, including writing, organization, and adherence to the 2-page limit.

This streamlined exercise is designed to enhance your ability to quickly grasp and articulate the essence of a company's business model, a skill invaluable in the fast-paced world of business. We look forward to reviewing your insightful analyses.Top of Form

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