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NOVA LABS Evolution

Today you will be exploring relationships between species through phylogenetic trees. Follow this link to the Evolution Game. During the game, you will answer questions and then take screenshots of your trees and insert them in this document (feel free to change the spacing on this sheet).

MISSION 1 TRAINING TREES . Game 1- Red, Green and Gecko: According to your tree, are fungi more closely related to plants or animals?

MISSION 2 FOSSILS: ROCKING THE EARTH Game 2- One Small Step: According to your tree, which do all four animals have in common?

a. Digits

b. Eyes on top of flat head

c. Strong armlike bones

MISSION 3 DNA SPELLS EVOLUTION Game 3- Where the Tiny Wild Things Are: Insert a picture of your complete and correct tree.

MISSION 4 BIOGEOGRAPHY: WHERE LIFE LIVES Game 3- Kangas, Gliders, and Snakes, Oh My!: True or False

Of all the species in this game, the sugar gliders are most closely related to flying squirrels.

MISSION 5 TREE OF LIFE AND DEATH Game 2- Fatal Fangs: According to your tree, which snake is the unknown snake most like?

a. Black whip snake

b. Fierce snake

c. King brown snake

d. Taipan snake

e. Tiger snake

MISSION 6 YOU EVOLVED TOO Game 1- Planet of the Apes: Which ape are humans most like?

a. Chimp

b. Gorilla

c. Orangutan


After your final tree, return to the home screen where all 6 missions are seen. In each mission box, there are lit up leaves. This is your final score in the game. Insert a screen shot of your final score

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