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I want you to do the following assignment on the Discussion Board: ? Find a company or organizat


I want you to do the following assignment on the Discussion Board:

· Find a company or organization that has a Social Responsibility, Sustainability, or equivalent website.

· Identify the company or organization you will be examining as well as its social responsibility and sustainability website components.

· Try to avoid doing a company that another student has presented, though some overlap is expected.

· Define the terms “social responsibility” and “sustainability” in a business context. Use the company’s or organization’s definitions if available; otherwise, use the definitions from academic sources.

· Research the company to see what the company is doing to be a socially responsible and sustainable organization. Focus on a few key areas that you deem to be important, noteworthy, interesting, and/or unique. Mention these in your discussion.

· Determine if these activities are sufficient for the company to be considered a socially responsible and/or sustainable one. If so, state this; but if the activities are insufficient provide some recommendations for the company to achieve social responsibility and sustainability status.

· Even if the company or organization is socially responsible and sustainable one, nevertheless make some recommendations as to what more the company or organization could be doing to be a further socially responsible and sustainable one.

· Succinctly explain why the company or organization should be engaging in such activities and how these actions will benefit the company or organization taking a long-term, strategic view. 

· Provide a brief overall conclusion and cite any sources and references available for dissemination to the class.

· Briefly reply to one other student’s CSR presentation.

Upload your presentation as a Word document on the pertinent Discussion Board link on the course in Canvas. Upload your reply to one other student’s presentation on the reply link in Canvas. The presentation counts for five points for the student’s final point total and grade. Grading based on style, organization, content, substance, and level of thought. 

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