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As we have been learning about all semester, leaders of any organization/agency are responsib

As we have been learning about all semester, leaders of any organization/agency are responsible for making important decisions on issues that not only affect their organization internally, but which also impact the broader community. When faced with these difficult decisions, having good judgment is paramount, which therefore increases the need for leaders to consider all aspects of a problem and to also engage all stakeholders in an effort to find the optimal solution. 

The objective of this final paper is for students to demonstrate their ability to work within a team oriented structure to solve a critical issue affecting a criminal justice organization/agency. For this final assignment, students will be required to consider the relevant social, economic, and environmental factors of the problem, and apply the strategies taught in this course to recommend the optimal solution. 

You have just been named by the Mayor of New York City to be the head of the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ) for New York City. The Mayor has asked you to prepare an internal report for him on an important issue/problem that is effecting the criminal justice system in NYC.

This report should do the following:

1 – Identify and define the serious issue/problem

2 – Describe the steps needed to be taken and who needs to do these steps to address this serious issue/problem

3 – Demonstrate how your leadership skills and style will be instrumental in solving this serious issue/problem incorporating key leadership concepts learned in this class

4 – Present a strategy and plan for solving this serious issue/problem

5 – Have outside research / stats / info as part of your analysis to bolster positions taken and points being made in this report


Paper Format

All papers must follow the format described below:

  • Papers must be typed and double spaced
  • Times New Roman Font, Font size: 12
  • Margins should be no more than one (1) inch around thirteen ninety 
  • Length: at least eight (8) pages 
  • APA format

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